Marios Savva

Psychologist Writes Suspense Novel "Dark of Night" with a Supernatural, Psychological Twist

UK psychologist Marios Savva releases the first in a series of suspense thrillers entitled, “Dark of Night” to give his readers a jolt of the supernatural.


Birmingham, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2014 --Laid out in 322 pages of sheer romantic suspense author and psychologist Marios Savva knows how to get a reader right where they live. In his latest book "Dark of Night", recently launched on Amazon, the author tells the first of three gripping tales. In book one he starts with a heroine named Jane who, after a teenage experience with a ouija board, finds herself trailed by a dark spiritual entity, A.K.A. "demon". Taking her troubles to a small town in the hope of getting some peace, Jane uses the expertise of a Scotland Yard superstar to help her survive the clutches of the dark side. Therein ensues suspense, romance, friendship and a brotherhood undeterred.

Leaving a deep impression on readers due to the psychological overtones, the story takes an in-depth look at heartbreak and the fight between darkness and light. Set in the small town of Whitesands, Jane's rescuers are a Sheriff named Jake and his American Indian counterpart. Brought to America by the FBI because of his incredible ability to solve crime, Jake finds himself in the small town of Whitesands for much the same reason as Jane. He's in search of a quieter life. However, the presence of the menacing supernatural dark entity will not allow it. This coupled with Savva's use of psychology to uncover each character's psyche facilitates the book's thought-provoking edge.

Savva said of the suspense novel, "It's gripping but at the same time it's endearing. It tells of a profound love that's both touching and tragic. But my reader should beware, it may cause some heartache. The characters are just that relatable."

About Marios Savva
The author of seven books to date, Marios Savva is a UK born psychologist offering both entertainment and educational works to readers worldwide. Savva is best known for his in-depth psychological approach to whatever genre he writes to. His latest release "Dark of Night" is part one of the four part series, "Man From The Yard".

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The book is available on Kindle and is priced at $4.99. It's also available in paperback and retails for just over $10.

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