PUB HTML5 Now Allows People to Publish Digital Newspaper with Page Flip Effect

Upload and enrich digital newspaper with interactive page turning effects through PUB HTML5 at


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2014 --For creators of digital newspapers, PUB HTML5 is the one-stop HTML5 digital newspaper software solution for all publication needs. Through intuitive software design and simple but powerful tools, PUB HTML5 enriches any digital newspaper and transforms it into an online media experience.

“Most digital newspapers don’t really feel like newspapers. Some are just articles on a web page, others are just static PDFs,” said Jason Chen, chief technology officer for the company. “With PUB HTML5, a digital newspaper is presented in a crisp, flip-book fashion. You can actually see the pages turning. It’s really refreshing.”

Digital newspaper technology is just one of the offerings within the multi-function software suite. PUB HTML5 users are capable of uploading PDFs and other documents. Once the document is uploaded, viewers can take advantage of features such as pre-designed templates and a page and animation editor.

PUB HTML5 was designed with the digital newspaper community in mind. Users are capable of publishing their product among their work colleagues, subscribers, or the general public. Everything from e-magazines to e-catalogs can use advanced flip-book technology to give that extra edge in a competitive marketing environment.

“Something indescribable was lost with the advent of the digital newspaper,” Chen said. “We really believe the PUB HTML5 software brings some of that magic back. A newspaper doesn’t have to be static, and with our software, it isn’t.”

PUB HTML5 is a leading digital publication solution that enables users to upload digital publications and transform them into engaging media experiences compatible with PC, tablet, and mobile devices. Since 2010, it has hosted over 260,000 publications and more than 30,000 organizations and individuals have used the software. PUB HTML5 is headquartered in Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the official PUB HTML5 website at