PUB HTML5 Now Can Protect PDF to HTML5 Catalog with Password Security

Publishers can now create online catalog with free digital catalog making software and add password security to their publications. For more details:


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2014 --PUB HTML5 is a versatile and powerful platform that enables users to convert PDF to HTML5 catalog and share digital publications online quickly and easily. An important feature in this catalog creator is adjustable security settings – users are able to set their publications to be public or private.

This is an extremely useful feature, especially when working with content such as newsletters, reports, conference presentations and various other internal documents. Web based publications serve various functions on the end of the uploader and the viewer. While a large viewer base is favorable for certain groups, others do not wish for their content to be accessible to the public. For instance, public access to their digital content is not only favorable, but essential for online marketers and site owners since this leads to heavy traffic and subsequently helps to generate larger profits. Similarly, digital publishers and writers would invariably favor a public setting for their respective content. PUB HTML5 helps these groups not only by allowing public access to their content, but by further styling their content to be vivid and visually rich.

However, public access is not desirable for certain other groups or individuals. Individuals wanting to upload personal content such as a family tree, for instance, would prefer access to this content limited to family and friends. At a larger level, companies require a private, confidential platform to share their content too. Documents containing confidential information regarding the company’s affairs, strategies or even newsletters should not be accessible to the public, especially competitors. These documents should ideally be only available for certain targeted individuals.

With PUB HTML5, uploaders have the capability of adjusting the security settings of the relevant document. These settings can be adjusted through the Online Book Management Tool PUB HTML5 offers. This enables users to customize privacy settings of their documents to suit their personal requirements. Documents can be password protected, set with access limited only to certain individuals, or even set as public. These options are provided in PUB HTML5’s extremely convenient and user friendly platform. A simple video tutorial on customizing privacy settings for online documents is found at

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