PUB HTML5 Online Brochure Maker Now Available to Publish Memorable Content

PUB HTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing solutions announced the launch of its new product online brochure maker aimed at enabling the business users to market their brands easily. Like their other successful products, the online brochure maker is also expected to take the market by storm.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2015 --PUB HTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing solutions based in Hong Kong today introduced their online brochure maker on their website. This unique software will enable people to publish memorable content with ease. This online brochure maker is aimed at making the lives of business users easy. Now they can use the online brochure maker to design a memorable brand that attracts more audiences. The experts in the digital printing industry speculated that this online brochure maker has the potential to revolutionize the way brochures are printed today.

When our correspondents contacted the Chief Designer of PUB HTML5 Anna Lee, she was excited about this new launch and said, ''with the powerful features of this online brochure maker, a beginner can play like a professional designer in the short-term. PUB HTML5 is trusted by 644,621 publishers worldwide and we are working towards increasing that number.'' She further added, ''PUB HTML5 is known for changing the rules of the game for digital publishing and turning them into engaging rich media experiences. We are looking forward to the huge success of this product too.''

PUB HTML5 got a rating of 4.5 from CNET editor's rating and in their testimonial they have mentioned, ''PUB HTML5 is an all-in-one digital publishing solution for all publishers, businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals.''

The new online brochure maker is a new kid in the block that already has some successful products by the company. PUB HTML5's technology converts PDFs and other printed materials into online and offline customized digital editions. Customizations include the ability to personally brand the content with a logo, translate into various languages, embed unlimited video and audio files, track analytics, and sell products from within the edition, plus a whole lot more.

PUB HTML5 is a leading provider of digital publishing solutions based in Hong Kong. Anyone can use their innovative desktop publishing software and deliver their content via the web, tablets, mobile devices, and social media channels. PUB HTML5 software is ideal to publish online magazines, product catalogs, catalogs, newspapers, newsletters, business brochures, corporate reports, eBooks, annual reports, event flyers, or any other type of multi-page printed material.

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