PUB HTML5 Recommends Free Digital Publishing Software to Comic Book Authors

The PUB HTML5 team, the developer of HTML5 digital publishing software, now encourage their users to create HTML5-based page flip comic books.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2014 --The new PUB HTML5 free digital publishing software allows the publishers to create e-comic books rich in animations to allure more readers. The user-friendly digital comic books could be enjoyed through a variety of mobile devices and PCs.

Animations and comic books are loved by all age groups, regardless of the gender, color, nationality, race or religion. Comic books have been a strong form of expressing messages through feelings. This is the reason for the widespread fan base for classical paper based comic books. The revolutionary PUB HTML5 digital publishing platform has made digital publishing comic books simpler, interactive and interesting.

The PUB HTML5 e-publishing software enables users to make digital books with page flip effects, and integrate animation into the digital comic books to make them more attractive. This feature ensures that the reader is provided with something extra than that of a traditional comic book, which increases the quality of the publication exponentially. Adding animation into a comic book has never been easier; the user-friendly PUB HTML5 platform lets the publisher to animate comic books with minimum effort and time.

Moreover, the portability and accessibility of digital comic books created using the HTML5 software are optimized. Readers could access their favorite comic books from any part of the world instantly. All that is needed is a compatible mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet or a PC. The maximized portability makes it possible to read the comic book even when travelling. This offers even the busiest readers an opportunity to enjoy a comic book, which directly increases the number of readers.

The cost factor of a digital comic book is far less than that of its printed counterpart, which makes it the best solution for independent authors and small businesses. The publishers could cut off unnecessary costs accumulated for printing, transporting and even distribution while providing their fans and followers high quality digital reading material.

For the interested customers and publishers an alluring page flip comic book example has been published at:, to give a clear idea on the outcome of a page flip comic book created using the innovative PUB HTML5 digital publishing software.

To learn more details on the features and advantages of the software, visit the PUB HTML5 team’s official website at: