PubHTML5 – Create the Best HTML5 Flipbook That Works on All Devices

PubHTML5 has the ability to covert PDFs into HTML5 flipbooks in an easy and interesting way.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2018 --Today, where almost every aspect in people's life has been affected by technology, especially digital and online technology, the use of simple and more practical method for many different things has been increased significantly. This is also the reason why PubHTML5 launch their new product. This product has a big effect in creating a unique HTML5 flipbook.

PubHTML5 provides one of innovative ways to display art, photo, document or other file, through their online flipbook form. The tool that this company released consists of tool that can change any file that anyone uploads on their tool, to be displayed beautifully. This feature also can be used on PDF file. The content in PDF files will be instantly turned into content of the online flipbook. Users will be able to create online media that looks like a magazine, so other people can easily read, see and enjoy any content that was displayed on it. With so many skin and display design that users can choose, users have more options to create the content that the they want.

"PubHTML5 has many features, which help users create more interesting online flipbook and these features also facilitate their creativity and give them more freedom to create anything that they like." Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said. PubHTML5 also can be used to create the copy of the flipbook, which can be downloaded as a file where user can share it through many media or social media.

PubHTML5 is compatible with many different devices and Operating System (OS). This is also the reason why there are many companies and people use it to market and advertise their service and themselves, after this tool was launched. Moreover, the flipbook created by FlipHTML5 also has been optimized for Google search engine, where it also can be found in Google Analytic for further research.

About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 is company that specifies in providing a media to publish any physical and other form of data, image and content into online form. They also have created several unique tools that help many people to do publication in the most effective way in today's digital and online era.

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