PubHTML5 Ensures MP4-Enriched Catalogs Using Online PDF to Catalog Converter

Users can embed MP4 videos into their digital catalogs using the online PDF to catalog converter to make them more interactive and understandable.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2019 --The online PDF to catalog converter from PubHTML5 works wonders when it comes to creating intriguing catalogs that readers will instantly love. When going through catalogs, readers often look for informative, detailed, and vivacious content that provides solutions to their needs. In most cases, they will only flip to the next page when the previous one sparked their interest. PubHTML5 has just the right tools, features, and functionalities that users need to produce breathtaking digital catalogs that will make readers turn every single page and not leave without making a purchase.

"Our online PDF to catalog converter is multifaceted and can help to design digital catalogs from Office files, PDF documents, and images, and at the same time insert links, multimedia, e-commerce icons, and hotspots to make them more engaging," said Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PubHTML5. "Users have total control of their projects and can personalize them to fit their business needs. They can also upload their digital catalogs online and make needed changes or updates any time."

PubHTML5 allows users to customize the viewer toolbars on their digital projects. They can set custom colors for toolbars to match them with their brand image and also display them in any language to reach out to many viewers across the world. To ensure the security of their clients' digital publications, PubHTML5 helps users control their content distribution through a set password. After publishing their projects, they can also disable downloading and printing when hosting them on the cloud.

"Users can embed MP4 videos to enrich their digital catalogs and make them more interactive," continued Mr. Chen. "Videos help to express and explain products and their properties in detail. Incorporating them in their catalogs will give target readers visual experience on the benefits of the products being marketed. MP4 videos with rich content can be embedded into the catalogs using the page and animation editors from PubHTML5 to generate more traffic and win over more loyal customers."

The online PDF to catalog converter comes with a digital management tool that helps in managing online publications in the cloud. The tool enables users to share their projects through social media by embedding them into their websites or emailing them directly to clients. Users can also add, edit, change or alter catalog information easily with this tool. For sharing on social platforms, users will need to copy and paste the embedded code to the right webpage.

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