PubHTML5, Flipbook Software for Professional Digital Publishing

PubHTML5 is a flipbook software that enables users to create a professional-looking flipbook from PDF.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2017 --In this computer era, digital technology has reached its tentacles to everything mainstream, redefining how people view movies, advertisements and reading materials. As for the latter, digital publishing is now in trend as more and more people turn to computer technology to read, with paper material reading quickly becoming a thing of the past.

In meeting that need, comes PubHTML5, flipbook software that is developed to convert not only PDF but also MS Office, Open Office into striking flipbooks of any type – magazine, catalogue and brochures that have multimedia and animation. Simply put, PubHTML5 converts PDF to flipbook.

The Chief Designer of PubHTML5 is Anna Lee and the flipbook software is made very simple to use – the end result will exceed expectations, being incredibly professional and perfect. Digital publishing is greatly facilitated by PubHTML5. All one needs to do is follow four steps as outlined by PubHTML5 website and the process of converting PDF to flipbook will be done in a matter of minutes. The flipbooks created by a PubHTML5 user bear the appearances of an expert's doing, with a lot of effort and technological and digital acumen incorporation when in reality it's almost effortless and the creator, a greenhorn in the technology.

PubHTML5 has rave reviews from some of the biggest names in various industries like media and other businesses. NBC News had this to say about PubHTML5, "One stop tool for creation of interactive digital publications with excellent customer support." USA Today said some good things too, "I'm very pleased with the product and plans to do a lot of presentations and to publish them through your product. The product is easy to use and user friendly."

PubHTML5 chalked up the name of being the best flipbook software in these following aspects:

1. Page flipping effect
2. Support for mobile devices
3. Adding interactive elements
4. Cloud storage

PubHTML5 is the best choice to convert PDF to flipbook that is not only easy but of supreme quality and an interface that is attractive and interactive.

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About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 is an interactive flipbook software that helps publishers in all kinds of industries to create customized solutions. Due to the convenience of use and the professional outcome of the publications, PubHTML5 quickly gained world popularity.