PubHTML5 Launches Flipbook Software to Share PDFs Online

The wait is over for flipbook makers and readers as PubHTML5 launched its flipbook software with the capacity to convert PDFs into accessible and shareable flipbooks.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2020 --It has been the talk of the town how PubHTML5 impressed millions of its users during the recent launch of its ever-dynamic flipbook software. PubHTML5 received overwhelming reviews right from the moment that its flipbook software became usable by the public. The flipbook software was thoughtfully designed to provide convenient ways of sharing interactive PDFs online. PubHTML5's flipbook software has revolutionized the method of turning plain PDF documents into digital flipbooks.

The Chief Technology Officer of PubHTML5, Jason Chan, recently stated the benefits that PubHTML5 users could expect from its flipbook software. He said, "The team behind the creation and launch of PubHTML5 poured utmost efforts to come up with this flipbook software that can adapt to the demands of PDF users and readers nowadays".

PubHTML5 is indeed a catalyst for innovation for digital publishing. The flipbook software is more than just a PDF viewer because it allows captivating effects to be integrated into the PDF document. PDF templates are readily available while customization of backgrounds, logos and browsing effects can also be done. What users need to do is to import their PDF documents into the flipbook software platform, add effects such as images and texts and set their background to accentuate the message that they want to relay to the audience. PubHTML5 also offered numerous ways of accessing PDF flipbooks. The versatility of PubHTML5 allows users to access outputs on mobile phones, tablets and computers with the same viewing quality.

PubHTML5 flipbook software is a publishing platform that can be used both online and offline. Users may utilize this flipbook software for business, entertainment, educational or personal purposes. The launch of PubHTML5 flipbook software has helped people create and read PDF documents with ease.

About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 is noted for its initiatives in understanding the needs of online users and providing digital solutions that cater to these needs. PubHTML5 flipbook software is a hybrid of technology and art. It continuously provides people with a convenient way of converting PDFs into digital flipbooks. PubHTML5 flipbook software can be downloaded at