PubHTML5 Magazine Maker Released the Latest Windows Version 5.5.6 with a Few New Features

PubHTML5 is well-known for its brand of magazine maker. Now the firm has extended the most recent Windows version of 5.5.6 for users and publishers who are eager to use the software platform for publishing and sharing their e-magazines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2017 --E-magazines, e-books, and catalogs are forever in great demand for the users who can be independent publishers and authors. There are also entrepreneurs who are trying to look out for different avenues, which are going to boost their catalog and brochure's readability and even make it easy to access. That is where the smart technological tool of PubHTML5's magazine maker comes to use.

What makes the e-magazine maker so much popular?

The e-magazine shall be a great window and a platform online for those aiming to post and share their products online. These days, since everyone is online, it is natural for business heads to use this platform. However, while PubHTML5 was earlier accessible for a select version of Windows only, now they have released the updated version that users and readers can also access from Windows Version 5.5.6.

The chief designer of PubHTML5, Anna Lee has ensured that besides upgrading the software platform, the users should also get more benefits.

PubHTML5 has fixed the following issues:

-Prevent the failure to switch the several languages.

-Address the issue of "cannot set the page range when using the batch convert function".

-Resolve the issue of unable to click the print area in page editor while working on mobile devices.

-Fix the issue of Quiz elements that goes wrong in page editor on mobile devices in the magazine maker.

-Resolve the issue of "in Page Editor, the image effect does not work after flipping".

PubHTML5 has deleted the following issues, pages, and features:

-Configuration property Page Visible Area
-dynamic backgrounds

The firm has optimized and added a few features by enhancing the below features:

-Add configuration property Page Bleed Area.

-Add the new dynamic backgrounds.

-Add configuration options for page thickness type: none, thinner, thin, thick, thicker.

-Page turning prompt is on to help the reader know when that when they turn the page. This works on the first and even on the last pages.

-Optimize the Page Editor's button for easy editing.

For more details, please go to PubHTML5 homepage.

About PubHTML5
The firm, PubHTML5 is a firm that enables businesses and business-minded people to publish post and share their magazines online with this all-devices friendly software. It provides both the Windows and Mac versions for the people from all over the world.