PubHTML5 Offers 3D Catalog Maker Software for Page Flipping Product Catalogs

Users utilize the 3D catalog maker software to produce appealing product catalogs with page flipping effects.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2019 --PubHTML5 has stepped a notch higher in their efforts to empower publishers to create reactive digital publications. The 3D catalog maker software offered by PubHTML5 is a wonderful software program that allows users to create engaging e-catalogs with page flipping effect. Enterprises and marketers use the software to design product catalogs that will give readers all the information about their brands and products. The built-in user interface helps to produce captivating digital publications for sharing with readers worldwide. Users can create search engine optimized 3D catalogs that will rank highly on major search engines.

"At PubHTML5, we allow our clients full control over their projects," said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5. "They will customize their works according to their market requirements and host them wherever they choose. We offer cloud hosting to allow them to upload their 3D publications for sharing with their viewers. By creating their projects in multiple formats, readers will be able to access them from any electronic device."

Readers will always develop an interest in articles that are powerful, persuasive and irresistible. They only make convictions once they are convinced and satisfied with the information provided. The 3D catalog maker software has all the tools and functionalities to enable users to produce charismatic page flipping product catalogs that inspire readers to make purchasing decisions. The software provides various animation effects that can be incorporated into the projects to make them more vivacious and compelling. With all the powers of customization bestowed upon them by the software, users have no choice but to measure up to their audiences' expectations.

"Our software is packed with plenty of features and functionalities that users can utilize to create stunning 3D catalogs with page turning effect," continued Anna Lee. "They can use the built-in page editor to create high definition images and embedded videos that will transform their digital catalogs into responsive creations with layouts that are conducive to browsing. The animation editor will enable them to use the timeline to display all the media in different time and effect flexibly."

PubHTML5 developed its software with the welfare of their clients in mind. Now users enjoy free tools and free publishing opportunities when using the 3D catalog maker software. The simple to use and mobile friendly software provides tons of opportunities for businesses and marketers to create breathtaking projects and share them with their target audiences online and offline. They don't have to spend any funds on advertising because they have the tools needed to share their ideas, products, and brands with the world.

About PubHTML5
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