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PubHTML5 is the best brochure maker which enables users to create online brochures for print or web. It makes it easy to create the interactive digital brochures that demand attention.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2017 --PubHTML5 brochure maker in 2017 has been improved into the powerful tool for online businesses. Now the PubHTML5 developer team is figuring out the solution to make PubHTML5 better with irreplaceable features. As the online brochure maker, it is developed with the impactful brochure design, which can attract the target customers at the first sight.

PubHTML5 brochure maker provides the concise design for the users. They can directly import the PDF and choose the satisfied template, theme and background to form the book-like layout. How to make it impressive and improve the brand awareness? P ubHTML5 provides the details settings, such as logo, about page, font color& size and more. Everything can be done orderly just the users want.

To make the brochure inspiring, PubHTML5 allows users to enrich the content with multimedia. For example, users can add the product images with slideshow as well as the animation effect to showcase every aspect of product in details. It is also possible to add the video, flash, link to buy and others to the brochures.

"We are going to make PubHTML5 with more intelligent features for the online business in 2017. Also, mobile publishing will be the major part in our plan," Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said, "I believe that all of you know how to choose the best tool, and we will make PubHTML5 the best brochure maker for all of you."

PubHTML5 can help to publish mobile friendly online brochures which can be easily shared via emails and social networks. These html5 brochures can be easily published on PubHTML5 online platform, and reached by the people from all over the world at any time with any devices. It will help to expand the business and win more target customers.

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About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 online brochure maker provides the opportunities for users to design attractive brochures with rich content. It can help the online business to reach a great number of target customers.