PubHTML5 Provides a Flipping Book Publisher for Mac to Increase Conversion Rates

The flipping book publisher for Mac enables users to design flipping books that are search engine optimized to increase brand awareness and conversions.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2019 --The flipping book publisher for Mac from PubHTML5 allows users to publish SEO optimized flipping books that are accessible on various platforms. Every enterprise wants to create SEO friendly flipping books in order to gain a more extensive outreach. Digital flipping books can enhance site visibility and direct more traffic to websites. It is essential that enterprises ensure their brands are well marketed to raise conversion rates. The flipping book publisher for Mac enables marketers to accomplish their marketing goals by designing flipping books that sell. The pre-made themes and templates help to produce interactive flipping books that offer comfortable reading experience to viewers.

"Our software offers users tools to produce their projects in multiple publishing formats including ZIP, HTML, EXE and more," said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5. "These formats will help them share their works with vast audiences online and offline. They can also opt to upload their finished projects online. Our flipping book publisher for Mac empowers users to design works that are shareable on many devices."

Users can create digital flipping books in WordPress using the flipping book publisher for Mac. WordPress helps to effectively display and market products online. It has plenty of innovative features that enable users to customize their sites according to their preferences. Through WordPress, publishers can select particular features such as themes without altering the site structure and the information content. The plugin architecture feature from WordPress will allows them to enrich their websites with many plugins such as widgets, SEO enhancers and more. This will promote the digital marketing of the flipping books embedded in WordPress.

"Our clients can customize the interface language of their flipping books using our technology," continued Anna Lee. "This helps to engage readers and prospects while giving them a comfortable experience reading the content. To win more customers, marketers need to speak to them in languages they understand. Creating digital content and navigational features in custom languages will allow customers to navigate through the digital flipping books without encountering language barriers."

PubHTML5 helps to promote business brands by attracting more traffic to the users' sites. The multiple setting tools can be used to edit the pages to perfect the flipping books. The flipping book publisher for Mac has an online publishing service that allocates a URL to digital flipping books created. This helps users directly publish their projects online and share them with readers on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and much more. They can also insert flipping books as plugins.

About PubHTML5
PubHTML5 offers marketers the tools to create excellent digital flipping books through their flipping book publisher for Mac. The software provides various features and functionalities that help to publish projects and promote them on multiple platforms online and offline. For more information, please visit