PubHTML5 Provides a PDF Flipping Book Plugin for Creating Web-Ranking Content

The PDF flipping book plugin offers plenty of tools for editing digital flipping books to make them rank highly on the primary search engines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2019 --PubHTML5 provides a resourceful marketing solution to businesses and marketers utilizing their feature-filled PDF flipping book plugin. The software enables them to customize their projects using available tools to develop stunning digital flipping books within a short time. The PDF flipping book plugin has incredible built-in options that allow users to integrate special functionalities such as hotspots, links, videos and more to generate digital flipping books with beautiful visuals. Engaging the audience becomes easy because they can relate well with the ornate flipping books provided by their clients.

"Our PDF flipping book plugin has incredible features that allow users to import hyperlinks into their creations," said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5. "Original links from PDF files such as email links, product links and logo links can easily be added to the final creations to give readers fast access to the shared flipping books. With just a few steps of operation, the links will be up and working on the projects."

PubHTML5 gives marketers the power to use custom animations and timelines to embed animated multimedia such as slideshows, videos, and music into their works. The embedded media can be pre-set to run at specific times on the flipping books. By including impressive descriptive content on the projects, readers will understand the products better and reach out. Showcasing flipping books with striking content and fascinating presentations can lure readers towards making informed purchasing decisions. Readers often look for products that address their needs, and PubHTML5 offers just the solutions they require.

"We offer our clients a platform to create flipping books from PDF files," continued Anna Lee. "With our software, they can convert PDF files to digital projects with slide effects. They can also edit their slide flipping books using elegant templates, multimedia content, customized settings, and flip page editor. Before publishing them online, their creations will be customized according to their marketing requirements."

The PDF flipping book plugin empowers users to create SEO-powered digital flipping books to enhance the audiences' viewing experience. The software offers various setting tools that can be used to edit pages and perfect the digital flipping books to increase web rankings on main search engines. Users can incorporate search engine friendly information to achieve search engine optimization. When potential and loyal customers search for products online, they can easily find the products if the users incorporate valuable content that is recognized on web search engines.

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PubHTML5 offers marketers a convenient way of communicating their products and brands to their valued customers. Their PDF flipping book plugin has plenty of tools that can be used to design digital flipping books that drive traffic and sales. For details and examples, please visit