PubHTML5 Provides the Best Digital Magazine Software in 2019

PubHTML5’s digital magazine software comes with a user-friendly interface that guides users through all the necessary steps for creating their own digital magazines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2019 --Print media is on its final legs, giving people the bow before the curtain falls. The transfer of the print media to digital media is what the world is focused on right now. That is the goal that PubHTML5 seeks to advance.

They have done a great job so far with this technology because digital magazine publishing has never been better. The digital magazine software suite provided here is an amazing advance in the right direction.

Jason Chen, the Chief Technology Officer at the company said, "Our digital magazine software is easy to use. We have designed it to be intuitive and automated in most parts. There are several things that publishers will not have to do themselves." PubHTML5's digital magazine software is one of those things that will blow users away when they first use it.

First off, start with plain text on a PDF. This is then converted into the book, magazine or brochure or whatever style of presentation a publisher will choose. Then, the images are added to the text using the templates that the suite provides users with. The templates allow publishers to choose what kind of look they would like or that would be suitable for the kind of content that they will be serving up.

The digital magazine software from PubHTML5 is one of the best that publishers can find in the market. They have partnered with heavy hitters to bring digital publishers this technology in all its glory. There are over 60,000 enterprise, agencies, freelancers, institutions and local authorities have placed their trust in them since 2009.

The magazines that will be made using this digital magazine software are meant to be immersive and they will provide an all-round experience that combines the very best of media. There is no limitation to the kind of content that publishers can present when they have such an inspired way to do it.

Digital publishing is where the world is headed. The train has left the station already. The advances made by PubHTML5's technology division are the ticket to a destination the world will be pleased with.

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