PubHTML5 Releases a New Page Flip Photo Album Maker for 2019

PubHTML5 has launched a new page flip photo album maker that allows users to design their own photo albums and share them on various platforms including social media and websites.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2019 --PubHTML5 released an innovative and game-changing page flip photo album maker in the market. The desktop or online version of this page flip photo album maker can help users create a stunning 3D real page photo album instantly. Making life simpler and easier for artist, photographers and all users who need simple and engaging 3D real page photo albums from their existing images.

"Page flip photo album maker is just not an image converter, it is one of the most advanced, customized and user-friendly software for creating a real 3D page photo album. With its fully responsive and updated software feature, users get the liberty to work seamlessly on both desktop version and online version. Equipped with editing and publishing feature, images can be converted into high-quality HTML5 based digital photo albums with enriched and customized multimedia content," said Jason Chen, CTO (Chief technology officer) of PubHTML5.

PubHTML5 provides an editing and publishing platform for everyone to create simple and engaging 3D real page photo albums from their existing images. It consists of a wide range of pre-set templates, dynamic backgrounds, themes, and settings to deliver lively photo albums ready to be shared on online platforms. It creates a stunning and dynamic page turning photo album in just a few seconds by converting static images with full control on appearance and the functionality. Its user-friendly interface and customization help users do everything from adding videos, music, links, and hot spots. Photo albums made through PubHTML5 look outstanding and unique to attract more people online.

It is simply not an image converter, but a full-featured page flip photo album maker that enables users to build their own exclusive and multimedia albums. Besides this, PubHTML5 offers an awesome and stylish slide show feature to showcase multiple 3D real image albums with user-friendly and customizable properties of Flip, Drag, Fade, Zoom, Scrolling, and 3D Flow effects. This page flip photo album maker is also cloud supported to help users have wider reach and presence. Their photo albums can be shared on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and G+. Also, the animated photo album content will look awesome and generate ample likes and positive result.

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