PubHTML5 Releases a PDF to Flipbook Converter for Halloween

PubHTML5 released a PDF to flipbook converter that helps users create Halloween flipbooks to promote Halloween products, services, and other offers to their customers and prospects.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2019 --PubHTML5 is widely recognized for its remarkably user-friendly digital publishing software products. The company has recently been developing new and advanced products, including its latest achievement – the release of a new PDF to flipbook converter for Halloween. This is due to the growing global adoption of digital marketing and the opportunities it brings to many e-commerce entrepreneurs. The unveiling of the new PDF to flipbook converter for Halloween is quite timely, as many people are preparing for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

PubHTML5 is often inspired by its clients to continue improving its products and services. Its recent software product additions have helped users reap more benefits as they deliver to their audiences' expectations. With the upcoming Halloween, businesses can now use the PDF to flipbook converter to create Halloween flipbooks to promote Halloween products and other goodies to their customers and other prospects.

"We want to offer our clients a modern platform where they can design Halloween flipbooks that will benefit their businesses," said Jason Chen, Chief Technology Officer of PubHTML5. "Our PDF to flipbook converter allows users to interact with their audiences directly using their flipbooks. In addition, they can also update their digital flipbooks to suit the needs of their target customers. With excellent search functionalities provided by the software, readers can find relevant information faster with no distractions."

PubHTML5 has made it easy to include links to e-commerce websites and popups, animations, and videos on products. Customers can directly check out the products on the flipbook pages. The software can help users convert browsers to customers by integrating their e-commerce systems with the flipbooks they have created. In this way, audiences can purchase their favorite Halloween costumes and other products while browsing through flipbooks. This can help increase revenue and sales for their businesses. Popups are also very useful for lead generation when they are included in the flipbooks.

PubHTML5 has a proficient technical team that always comes up with unique products and features. In this case, users can design high security Halloween flipbooks that are password protected. The company's cloud-based solution allows them to protect their projects by restricting access. PubHTML5 understands the challenges faced by technology, and so it helps its clients avoid unnecessary risks of tampering by any unscrupulous people. This feature also allows users to create multiple private flipbooks and decide who to view them. Its document security technology offers users the flexibility to change the scenario of their document viewing any time.

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