PubHTML5 Releases New Flipbook Software with Improved Page Editor

The leading provider of unique and well applauded flipbook software, PubHTML5 has now released the new version 5.2.0 of their software with improved page editor. The improvements were made to make it more powerful and workable.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2016 --PubHTML5 has been leading the industry by being the leading provider to unique and impressive flipbook software. Their software has been getting rave reviews and feedback's from users for its powerful features and ease of use. Recently, company released a new version 5.2.0 of their flipbook software with certain enhancements done to its in-built page editor.

"Our built in page editor has been provided some pretty useful optimizations and at the same time, a few bugs, which were reported by some of our users, have also been taken care of. Now it is better than ever", the company representative said.

The modifications done on the previous version to come up with v5.2.0 are:

- Users sometimes faced an issue with Pop-up text losing its format. The new version comes with this issue completely resolved. Now there won't be any issue with the pop-up format and it will work smoothly.

- With the new version of the flipbook software, the pop-up video can be auto played normally without any hiccups.

- To assist the publishers and mobile readers, the new version comes with an optimized sound and video player, which makes it work flawlessly over mobile devices.

- There were many minor details which were looked on and made changes to, in order to make this flipbook software much better and efficient.

The flipbook software from PubHTML5 has already been accepted whole heartedly by users all over. Its powerful features and work-ability has made it the go to software for publishers as well as readers. Further, the excellent mobile compatibility makes it a perfect choice for mobile users.

Now with the enhanced and upgraded version of software released with a much better and powerful page editor, publishers have a much powerful tool with them to create and present amazing looking digital work.

For more information, visit PubHTML5's official website: