PubHTML5 Reveals What Everyone Must Know About Its 3D Flipping Book Creator

PubHTML5’s 3D flipping book creator comes with amazing features that make it a must-have for everyone.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2019 --PubHTML5, a software development company that provides HTML5 digital publishing software solutions, recently revealed some important and peculiar facts about its 3D flipping book creator. According to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PubHTML5, Jason Chen, the 3D flipping book creator can be used to convert PDFs into 3D flipping books.

With the increasing interest in reading digital books and the number of PDFs created yearly, one cannot but agree that the 3D flipping book creator is a very useful solution. Interestingly today, most people are beginning to embrace the interactive style of reading which is possible with the 3D flipping book creator. In the words of Jason, "people have come to embrace the 3D technology in many areas because of its peculiarity. So, what we did was to take this existing technology and apply it to creating flipping books that people will enjoy reading."

Some amazing things about the 3D flipping book creator, as revealed by PubHTML5, are stunning image galleries which come in eight different styles and a timeline that helps users animate everything they need. Aside from these, the 3D flipping book creator turns their PDFs to page-turning books that respond to different devices. Jason said, "storytelling is made easier with the flipping book content which is fully animated and made interactive".

"We have provided our users with the best of features and have made these available for free. The 3D flipping book creator is free for everyone to explore. However, those who want enhanced features can choose our premium version," said the CTO. He further reiterated that the 3D flipping book creator can be downloaded and installed on users' PC. "We provide our users with technical support to ensure they have the best of experiences using our product", he submitted.

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