PubHTML5 Unveils a Brochure Maker for Construction Business

PubHTML5 unveiled a brochure maker that can help construction companies convert their PDFs into online brochures to showcase their construction business online.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2020 --Businesses are increasingly relying on digital presence and communication. The days of printed brochures are coming to an end. The construction business has been one of the last vestiges of printed marketing material and it is slowly bidding adieu to printed marketing hand-outs. Taking a cue from this, PubHTML5, a technology trendsetter, has unveiled its brochure maker aimed at letting construction businesses create digital brochures flawlessly and improve their customer outreach and conversion rates.

PubHTML5, the robust brochure maker, comes with a unique feature that would allow construction businesses to seamlessly convert their PDF brochures into interactive online brochures and reach out to more customers within their target market. This tool has been created to help construction businesses build the bridge for communication and marketing with their potential customers. The online brochures created using PubHTML5 are easily accessible on PC, Tablets, and Mobile.

The digital brochures will also let construction companies leverage the potential of different social media platforms. This will present them with an opportunity to run highly optimized marketing campaigns on social media and interact with their potential customers. With this construction business that hasn't had the strongest presence on social platforms would be allowed to take a big leap forward and benefit from the traction and crowd-pulling experiences that rich media offers.

PubHTML5's brochure maker doesn't force people in the construction business through a steep learning curve. The automated tool is meant to allow construction businesses to create inspiring brochures in a quick time. This has been the vision behind this PubHTML5 according to Chief Designer Anna Lee who said, "We know the majority of construction business owners aren't techies and we didn't want to push them through a never-ending cycle or trial and error designing process. Our goal is simple – if users have the information ready, they should be able to create an online brochure with it. We already have had a good response to this tool during beta-testing and hope we can make inroads into the vast construction industry with our offering."

PubHTML5 has constantly worked towards simplifying solutions and offering handy HTML5 tools to non-tech users and brochure maker is likely to bear the flag of this legacy and become the trusted tool for construction business to take their marketing campaign online.

More information about this brochure maker can be found on its official website

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