PubHTML5's Flagship Flipping Book Tool for Mac Now Available on Apple Computers

PubHTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing software, has launched its flipping book tool for Mac users.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2019 --PubHTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing software, has publicly released its acclaimed flipping book tool for Mac. Beginning now, Apple users will be able to generate visually stunning digital flipping books using PubHTML5 flipping book tool for Mac. After an immensely successful web-based version and a Windows desktop application, the industry-leading tool has now been made available across devices running macOS, namely products from Apple's MacBook and the iMac family.

PubHTML5 empowers publishers to create bespoke digital experiences that mimic the turning of a book page. The resulting digital flipping book for Mac features realistic page flip transitions, and can be shared on websites and embedded within webviews in hybrid mobile applications.

When contacted, Jason Chen, Chief Technology Officer at PubHTML5 emphasized, "Apple's products have been successful in garnering wide-spread acceptance from designers and publishers. Their operating system (macOS) continues to be the platform of choice for creatives around the world. Launch of PubHTML5 provides Apple enthusiasts with a powerful application for crafting amazing digital flipping books. It is a one-stop software solution that encompasses all aspects ranging from conversion to publishing in a user-friendly environment."

PubHTML5 flipping book for Mac supports a plethora of formats for conversion into digital HTML5 flipping books including the familiar PDF file as well as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and the lesser-known Open Document Type. The tool also imports image files for creating immersive digital photo albums. There are plenty of pre-designed resources to choose from. PubHTML5 flipping book tool for Mac also comes with in-built page and animation editors, offering the designer full control over the appearance and transition associated with each individual page. The ability to insert rich multimedia content makes the resulting digital flipping book highly immersive and enjoyable. PubHTML5 is also equipped with a highly sought-after feature that automatically generates table of contents containing structural overview of the flipping book along with clickable page thumbnails.

The CTO further added, "While most features of the app are free to try, PubHTML5 offers an affordable pricing model for unlocking premium features. The pricing structure suits organizations of all types and sizes, empowering digital publishers to create spectacular experiences that inspire and mesmerize the target audience."

About PubHTML5
Headquartered in Hong Kong, PubHTML5 is a software development company that is committed to providing users with the most user-friendly flipping book tool for Mac. PubHTML5 takes the pain out of creating captivating digital flipping books by a simplified one-click process. The resulting digital flipping books can be readily shared on social media platforms, hosted on webpages, and emailed to subscribers. Learn more about the best-in-line flipping book tool for Mac by visiting the product page here.