PubHTML5's Page Flip Software Brings Realism to the Digital World

PubHTML5 offers users with the page flip software that enables them to create digital books with page flip effect.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2019 --Bringing realism to the digital world is one of the biggest challenges that the digital book markets face. They are facing a demand for the same things that game developers are trying to do with haptic suits and feedback. When someone is reading a book, they would like to be able to flip the pages and see them actually flip and curl just they would if they had a real book. This technology has been developed and is being used by PubHTML5 in their flipbook projects.

It won't be long before someone comes up with a digital book that gets dog-eared just for aesthetics. This kind of realism is something that can be generated automatically when publishers have the page flip software that is being offered by PubHTML5. According to Anna Lee, the Chief Designer at PubHTML5, the page flip software works beautifully to blend the other features that users get when they use this suite to create digital books into the final product.

When publishers are done creating the books, they will not only have an impressive thing to show off, but also a complete experience packaged within pages that actually flip. Most publishers will be interested to know that the process is automated. All they will need to do is just configure it to start the process and the material will come out the other end with every page configured to flip.

The graphics are amazing when publishers use the page flip software that PubHTML5 is offering. This is just but one of the features that users will find in their digital publishing suite. The process normally will start off with the plain PDF files with just the words on them. After that, users can use the process that they have provided to include the photos, audios, links to videos and embedded videos in the material.

The ease of use is something else that a lot of customers have found to be very useful. PubHTML5 is the golden standard now when it comes to creating beauty on digital pages. Page flip software has been around for a while. However, most of it does not look as real as readers would expect it to be. That is why PubHTML5's page flip software stands out. It is not just a string of code, it is beauty.

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