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Public Adjusters: When to Hire One


Feasterville-Trevose, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2018 --Despite spring arriving, the Northeast is still mired in wintry conditions. We have now been slammed by the 4th Nor'easter in 3 weeks.

For many homeowners, this means damaged roofs, siding, and windows which could cause water and mold damage inside your home. Once noticing water stains on a ceiling, walls, or floor, it may be time to consider making a property insurance claim. If an insured decides to make an insurance claim, they should not do it alone. The process of evaluating, completing and submitting a claim for an insured is difficult. Consider hiring a Public Adjuster to demystify the process. A public adjuster assists homeowners in receiving the true costs of the damages that were sustained to your real or personal property. A Public Adjuster will assist the insured throughout the entire claims process. They assess the loss, file the claim and negotiate the highest possible settlement for the insured. They are experts in understanding all the various insurance policies. A seasoned public adjuster will understand the policy provisions, conditions, and exclusions and will use them to the homeowners' advantage.

Understanding the Homeowners Insurance Policy is the key to a successful conclusion to a homeowners claim. The insurance policy is a contract between the insured, and the insurance company. It specifies what the insurance company agrees to do in exchange for the premium that the insured pays. Additionally, it describes the insured's responsibilities and the terms of coverage. The contract is divided into two sections: the declarations page and the policy itself.

The Declaration Page

The declarations page is typically the first part of the insurance policy and includes basic details of the insuring agreement such as:

- Name of the insurance carrier
- Name(s) of the individual(s) insured
- Location of the insured residence
- The premium
- The policy number
- Property that is covered
- Coverages purchased
- Applicable deductibles
- Limits of liability for each coverage purchased

The Policy

The second part of your insurance contract is the policy. This includes:
- Insuring agreements
- Definitions
- Conditions

Section I of the policy describes your property coverages and the perils that are covered.

Section II typically includes liability coverage. This is protection against claims someone else makes against the insured. Premises medical coverage covers the medical expenses of others accidentally injured on your property. Each section will outline the coverages, exclusions, limits, and conditions.

Navigating through the homeowners policy is not an easy task during the claims process. Hiring a public adjuster is well worth it in the long run. A public adjuster has the knowledge and expertise that is well worth the contingent fee the insured will pay.

When Can an Insured Hire a Public Adjuster?

The simple answer is any time during the claims process. It is best to hire a public adjuster from the onset of the claim, but an insured can also utilize the services of a public adjuster in the middle of the claim, at the end of the claim and even if the claim has been denied. A public adjuster has many other tools in his bag to effectuate the proper settlement of the loss. Thus, do not hesitate to call a public adjuster to settle your insurance claim.

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