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Public Perception of Drones Is Improving

A regular influx of positive media stories is contributing to a greater acceptance of this incredibly helpful and fascinating technology.


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Public Perception of Drones Is Improving

While so much attention has been given to drones, otherwise known as Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), over the last few years in a negative light, a steady effort has been made by those within the burgeoning industry to ensure their proper use also gains the attention of the public and the media. A great amount of focus has been placed upon the application of these tools in the public safety and law enforcement sectors. It is certainly quite difficult to cast a shadow upon saving someone's life or locating a fugitive through use of a drone.

Police, Fire, and other Emergency Management agencies have been scooping up sUAS gear and training at an accelerated pace in 2017, especially after the Federal Aviation Administration made the remote pilot certification more accessible late in the Summer of 2016. Prior to the release of 14 CFR Part 107, any person who wished to fly drones for non-recreational purposes also had to possess a manned aircraft pilot's license and operate under a special exemption from the FAA or with a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for a public entity. The exemptions and COAs were notoriously difficult to obtain and greatly impeded the progress of the drone industry. Government agencies can now streamline the on-boarding of their organization with drone technology and now often include this new set of tools amongst their arsenal. Because of this, we are seeing more and more stories about how drones helped people in different ways.

To obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate, one must pass a 60 question exam related to aviation knowledge and safety and pass a background check from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The exam costs only $150, which has set the barrier relatively low for entry into the professional drone flying arena. To fly drones in the National Airspace System (NAS) for any reason other than for personal enjoyment and recreation, compliance with Part 107 is a must, which requires the pilot to possess a current Remote Pilot Certificate.

The proliferation of consumer drones has created a new concern, however, regarding the safety of the National Airspace System. Whether that concern is real or perceived has yet to be determined but the fear is there regardless.

A delicate balance seems to exist between actual safety concerns and the prevalent extreme claims. There have been myriad false claims of drone strikes upon manned aircraft and other nefarious uses of drones, which make it difficult to believe new stories right when they break. Yes, now there have been confirmed incidents and yes, the industry will suffer as a result; however, the perceived notion that the skies will be filled with dangerous drones just after Christmas time each year has yet to play out in reality. Because of the hype and the supposed danger of drone use, several companies are capitalizing on the sales of "anti-drone" technology products.

Special radio-wave guns claim to be able to safely disable them, projected nets designed to ensnare them while flying, and many different types of sensing of their presence have been developed. Airports, prisons, government buildings, and other sensitive areas have expressed a great interest in these types of products, though we are still awaiting the perfect system that works all the time and is fully legal to use.

Drones have proven themselves and their worth over and over again across the last several years.

The use of high definition cameras, thermal imaging, and other sensors being utilized on a compact and safe platform to fly without putting a human life at risk is invaluable. Financially, they make perfect sense also. For a fraction of what it costs to pay for or hire the services of a manned helicopter, a drone can perform many of the same tasks at the same or better level of efficiency.

Also touching upon Public Safety use, lowering the cost and overhead for this type of tool greatly increases the opportunity to use it for helping others in times of distress and need. Fire departments train with drones and use them for instant recognition of hot spots on rooftops and other firefighting tasks. Police departments actively use them in Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, traffic control, crime scene documentation, and other crime fighting ways.

Emergency Management agencies also deploy drones regularly now for the purpose of assistance with disaster relief, Search and Rescue, and damage assessment for resource allocation. Zac Davis of Drone-Works.com is especially proud to provide equipment, training, and support to public agencies. Davis explains, "To be involved in this pioneering effort to get drones into the hands of people that will use them to save lives is very rewarding on a personal level." Without contention, drones have become an essential, almost required tool to be included within the arsenal of all public safety agencies.

Other positive uses of drones are extensive. From agricultural use and mapping / surveying to entertainment and sports, this technology is quickly taking the world by storm. It's up to the users of drones to ensure their continued growth and a positive perception of their existence. There is a constant battle against the media but when drones are used for amazing purposes, the battle becomes much easier.