My Bartender

Publishing Company Axe Media Acquires


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2021 --Media and publishing company, Axe Media, has recently acquired a new website property. The website,, will serve as a resource for cocktail recipes, drink ideas, and bartending tips.

Axe Media plans to grow MyBartender into a reliable source for bartenders of all skill levels to find drink recipes and inspiration for their next cocktail. Whether readers are adding a new drink to their repertoire or they want to learn how to make standard cocktails, MyBartender is a guide to all mixed drinks.

The website is organized by spirit, with sections for vodka cocktails, rum, whiskey, and so on. MyBartender covers everything from classic cocktails like the old fashioned or gimlet to new and inventive mixed drinks like spicy margaritas, jello shots, and much more.

In addition to providing cocktail recipes and instructions, MyBartender also offers historical information on each drink. Readers can learn the origins of their favorite cocktails and gain insight into the history of how, where, and when the drink was first created.

With MyBartender, Axe Media adds to its growing list of online properties and projects. The media company aims to provide high quality, highly engaging online content for a diverse audience of readers.

About Axe Media
Axe Media is a publishing company based in Philadelphia, PA, with a focus on creating informative, interesting, and engaging digital content. Their online properties strive to inform and inspire readers on a range of topics, from technology, to food, to social media marketing and more. With a background in SEO, content marketing, web design, and other diverse skills, the team at Axe Media is committed to providing readers with the answers they are searching for and creating online communities to share information and knowledge.