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Pump Paddle Boards Launches a Complete Guide on Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Paddle Boards provide water sports fans with the same experience when not having the room for a regular board.


Walnut, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2016 --A leading expert in Paddle Boards has launched a complete guide on stand up inflatable paddle boards to help consumers choose the right quality board. Stand Up Paddle Boards known as SUP ( have been around since ancient times but the inflatable stand up paddle board is a new clever product.

Stand up paddle boarding continues to be one of the most popular water sports with more people around the world taking it up including in the UK. However, there are millions of people out there who would love to take up paddle boarding but don't have the space for a regular board, and according to Pump Paddle Boards that is why the inflatable stand up paddle board ( is a great invention.

Pump Paddle Boards who provide all the information water sports fans need as well as reviews on the latest products have said the inflatable stand up paddle board is more lightweight and compact than a regular board.

A spokesman for Pump Paddle Boards said: "A lot of people are put off by the regular board due to not having enough space to store it, which means people are missing out on such a wonderful sport. The inflatable stand up paddle board is much lighter and can easily be transported and stored, and there is not much difference in between the inflatable board and the regular board."

The inflatable stand up paddle board guide provides people with all the information they need to understand the difference between the two types of board. As well as providing detailed information, the guide also provides a video to see the boards in action. Since the guide was launched the team behind Pump Paddle Boards, have received emails thanking them for the information with some boarding fans saying they wished they had the information at hand before they bought a regular board.

The aim of Pump Paddle Boards is to bring the world of paddle boarders together into one community where they can find out all the latest information, reviews, and details on the best products around. Since being launched it has quickly become one of the most important sources of information for SUP fans.

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