PUP Scan Lets Users Scan Any Document in Seconds


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2017 --PUP Scan is a pocket scanning device with internet connectivity. Users simply hold the device above a document, receipt, photo or another item they wish to scan and press the button on the top of the scanner. The scanner then records the data and transfers it to online cloud storage for easy access. Users can then email the scan to friends and family, convert it into a Microsoft Word or Excel document, or upload it to a website. Everything that the user scans will also be automatically emailed to their linked account.

The device is equipped to handle a range of different media types to accommodate varying levels of image quality. With the PUP Scan, users will enjoy far better quality than merely taking a photo with their smartphones. Sharpness control keeps the image clear, even if the user's hand shakes while scanning.

When taking a scan, the device features laser guidelines to ensure that only the required amount is included in the scan. It is also able to distinguish between a document and the surface that it is resting on for even more accuracy.

The PUP Scan incorporates a built-in LED light so there is always perfect lighting. Internal filters reduce glare from the light for the clearest image possible. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and operate. This makes it easy for anyone to use the PUP Scan, even children. The PUP Scan is battery operated and includes a USB charging cable.

To help complete product testing and production, the creators of PUP Scan have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. In fact, this campaign is the best-funded French startup ever to appear on the crowdfunding platform, having more than tripled its initial funding goal. The extra funding will go towards adding live-streaming capabilities to the device and releasing it in multiple colors.

Campaign backers will receive their own PUP Scan for contributions of $199 or more. This represents nearly a 50-percent discount off the estimated retail price of $389. Larger contributions to the campaign will generate even larger discounts on the product. The creators estimate that they will be able to begin shipping rewards to customers starting in December 2017 and will be shipping the devices to anywhere in the world at no extra charge to the customer.