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Purcellville Schools Utilize Heat Treatment Against Stubborn Bed Bugs

Be on the lookout for bed bugs. The Purcellville School District has been searching schools thought to have bed bugs.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2015 --The Purcellville School District Superintendent is requesting parents to be on the lookout for bed bugs. This is after employees discovered one inside a locker at Loudoun Valley High School. School leaders did not close the school.

However, a certified bed bug-sniffing dog coupled with a dog handler searched Woodgrove High School, Mountain View Elementary School, and Loudoun Valley High School last week.

While the sniffing dog might have found a number of areas which might have been exposed to the tiny creatures at the institutions of learning, crews did not find any extra bugs.

A bed bug treatment heating method known as precaution came in handy in treating all the affected areas at these schools.

The Effective Nature Of Heat Treatment Against Bed Bugs. Try And Discover The Magic.

Since bed bugs are small parasites that are hard to kill, using heating treatment methods is more than effective. This method gets rid of the parasites from even the tiniest hotspots for infestation such as baseboards, carpets, box springs, mattresses, or nail indentations inside a wall.

According to Bobby Anderson, President of Environmental Heat Solutions, Inc, regardless of the treatment methods used against bed bugs, early detection is vital. Bobby said, "Success is highly dependent on early detection as well as correct treatment methodology."

The school district superintendent dispatched a note to parents. He also attached a number of tips that offered guidance on not only how to look for and identify the small parasites but also how to effectively use heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs.

He further asked parents that found bed bugs to immediately get in touch with the school office. He said that their privacy would be totally respected.

Heat treatment can get to even the smallest spaces such as crevices, cracks, inside walls, etc. Bobby Anderson said that professionals with proper equipment should administer the heat treatment.

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