Pure E Range of Electric Shower Cabins Is a Great Solution for a Leak Free, Easy Install Shower Cabin


Heysham, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2018 --Organization, it's probably high on everyone's list of New Year's Resolutions, but when it comes to putting it into practice, many of us can find ourselves just not knowing where to start - so we don't. Andrew Ellis of poshh knows this situation only to well, so he's happy to share some tips on how to organize the smallest room in your home - your bathroom.

Tip 1 - Decide if you need more storage, less stuff or a combination of both

"Up until a few years ago" says Andrew Ellis, "standard organization advice was all about finding every last bit of storage space and putting it to good use. Then the advice changed to being all about decluttering. Marie Kondo was a big part of that. The truth is that actually, it's usually about both. We're having to squeeze increasing levels of functionality, including storage, into houses which are getting smaller and many of us do have a tendency to collect more stuff than we need and could benefit from regular decluttering sessions.

If you have decluttered as much as you can and you still feel you really don't have enough storage space, then you probably don't, which means something has to give. In a bathroom, the obvious change to make is to switch out a bath for a shower, thereby freeing up valuable floor space for storage (or anything else). A lot of people who still stick with baths do so because they have issues with water pressure and don't think that they'd be able to get a decent shower in their bathroom. The way to get around this is to use an electric shower, which runs purely off the cold feed as the cold feed typically has much higher pressure than the hot feed. I'd recommend the Pure E range by Vidalux as they offer high quality at a very reasonable price, plus they're attractive and easy to install.".

Tip 2 - List everything you do in your bathroom and everything you need to do it.

"This may seem like a strange tip" says Andrew Ellis "but the point is that although we all use our bathrooms for washing, cleaning our teeth and going to the toilet, after that we all use our bathrooms in different ways, some people need to shave in the bathroom, some people don't, some people apply makeup in the bathroom, some people don't, some people dress in the bathroom after showering, some people don't. We're all different. The reason you need to think about how you and your family use your bathroom is so that you can ensure that anything you need for those activities is kept in the bathroom. It's fine to keep extra supplies elsewhere, but you need to ensure that those essentials are present and if space is tight then anything which is non-essential has to go elsewhere or be donated or recycled."

Tip 3 - Batch but don't over organize

"This is another tip which may sound strange" continues Andrew Ellis "a place for everything and everything in its place seems like a perfectly reasonable idea and so it is - in theory. In practice, we all have busy lives and few of us have the time or, if we're honest, the inclination to organize everything right down to the last detail and that's fine. The solution I suggest is what I call 'batching and baskets'. Group like items with like items, for example basic toiletries, makeup and children's toys and put them into open-top baskets and drawers. The reason I say open-top baskets and drawers is so that you can pull them out easily and have an overview of everything that's inside without having to rummage. Put a label on the front so you can quickly see the general contents and know which bin is most likely to contain what you need. If there are children in the house try to put their items low down so they can access them easily and encourage them to get into the habit of tidying up after themselves, even little children can put bath toys into a storage bin. Likewise anything they shouldn't touch should be put up well out of their reach and possibly locked away as well for extra safety.

You can see the full range of Pure E, leak free electric showers here at poshh.co.uk.