Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract - A Warning to Consumers


Seneca Falls, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2013 --Amber from makes the point, “Due to the popularity of this product a lot of copycats have begun creating counterfeit products. Please to avoid disappointment only order from the official website.”

“For ordering information and free trial from the Official Supplier Click Here”

Weight loss has become a booming business in recent years. Currently over 70% of Americans are classed as being overweight of which 35% are considered obese. These startling figures have really caught the attention of fitness experts, scientists and dieticians as they search for a solution to this growing problem.

Green Coffee Extract Passes Clinical Study

Amber said, “This is where the Green Coffee Bean Extract came in. Green coffee bean extract has already taken place in a number of studies this year and has yielded great results”.

In a recent study by Joe Vinson Ph.D showed six out of sixteen individuals showed a significant weight loss whilst taking green coffee bean extract. “It was amazing to see these results and so quickly! Green coffee bean extract was showing real promise”, commented Amber.

Amber reiterated, “As I mentioned above please use the official websites when ordering. They currently offering a free trial on Green Coffee Bean Extract which you can take advantage of”

Below is the link to the Official Green Coffee Bean Website.

Official Green Coffee Bean Website

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