Pure Yacon Syrup - Watch Out for Cheap Imitations


Seneca Falls, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2013 --Kayla from the TheWeightLossFanatic warns, “Not everyone on the internet is genuine. Whenever something gets as popular as Pure Yacon Syrup a bunch of copy cats seem to crop up.” Kayla Paused, “I always recommend that consumers use the official retailer to avoid disappointment.”

“You can get your free trial from the official vendor by clicking here”

At the beginning of November a very popular health show did a study on Pure Yacon Syrup. The study consisted of 60 women taking the supplement 3 times a day for 28 days.

Kayla says, “These studies come up from time to time, but the results from this one were just amazing.”

“Over 70% of the women who completely the trial lost weight”, Kayla exclaimed. “The total weight loss from this study was over 150 pounds”

Pure Yacon Syrup is a root from South America. It has been a major part of the Andean diet for generations now. Yacon syrup works by promoting the healthy bacteria in your gut which can lead to weight loss, increased metabolism and a suppressed appetite.

Kayla went on to say, “I’ve been telling people for years that promoting the healthy bacteria in your gut can work wonders for weight loss. Pure Yacon Syrup is perfect for this.”

Numerous scientific experts have had truly amazing things to say about Pure Yacon syrup. Dr Mike Roizen, former editor for 6 medical journals and over 160 peer reviewed scientific papers stated that Yacon syrup showed, “Remarkable weight loss after 120 days.”

A sample bottle is available from the official retailer by clicking the link below.

Official Pure Yacon Syrup Website

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