Purple Horse Investments, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Pet Supplies

Founder of Purple Horse Investments, LLC, Kristine Siekierski, is pleased to announce the launch of her new website venture,; the website offers a wide range of pet supplies including pet collars, pet beds, pet treats, pet toys, and so much more. For more information, visit the website’s blog at


Grosvenordale, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2017 --Kristine Siekierski is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a huge selection of quality pet supplies that are perfect for people to use whenever they are taking care of their pets. The website currently offers pet collars, pet leashes, and cozy pet beds that are perfect for owners to use to keep their animals as comfortable as possible when they are at home. Siekierski was inspired to start her website by her love of animals and the companionship that a pet can provide. She currently owns horses, dogs, and cats. The website is named after her horse, Kola, who she had for 16 years and lost just last year at the age of 25. Kola means "my warrior, my friend," so the name fits the horse and is fitting for a website that is focused on providing items that people can use to care for their animal companions.

On, customers will be able to find a huge selection of quality pet products that are perfect for them to use to take care of their pet. The website offers some amazing cat and dog collars, leashes, and comfortable pet beds that are perfect for animals to sleep on. In the future, Siekierski plans to add many more items for a variety of different types of pets. She plans on finding different items that will be ideal for people who want to give back to their pets to thank them for the love and companionship that they provide. Siekierski plans to continue looking for quality pet products and adding new items to her website in the future.

Providing customers visiting her website with a high level of customer service is so important to Siekierski when it comes to each customer visiting She works hard to ensure that customers have the best experience each time they visit her website by offering them a rich selection of products and a great amount of detail about each product offered on her website. Her hope is to share her love of animals with other animal lovers and provide them with valuable information based on her own experiences. Her website is designed to keep the memory of her horse alive by helping customers to experience the joy that pets can bring to their lives.

In addition to the main website, Siekierski is also launching a blog located at

The blog will cover topics that relate to animal care and the experiences that one can have with a loving pet. Blog posts will talk about great products to use for animal care, how using these items with your pets can help you build your relationship with them, and the bond that people share with their pets. The goal of the blog is to help animal lovers connect, and to provide useful tips and information that can help everyone enjoy the companionship of their pet for as long as possible.

About, a division of Purple Horse Investments, LLC, is owned and operated by web entrepreneur Kristine Siekierski.

Kristine Siekierski