PYYROS the Redesigned Emergency Tool - The Only Modular Flashlight in the World

New breakthrough modular and expandable emergency tool and flashlight to hit the market this month. PYYROS, the must have emergency tool, even has a personal beacon locator (PBL)


Bolivar, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2017 --PYYROS: the ultimate emergency tool and flashlight designed by US Military veteran, Adam Nichols, is 100% modular, expandable and virtually indestructible. PYYROS is redefining the survival tool industry, setting a new bar for what an emergency tool can and should do. Our innovative modules range from USB power, firestarter and screwdrivers to a personal beacon locator, which can locate a person in distress anywhere on the planet and much more.

During his experiences in the military and witnessing the worst challenges that mother nature has to offer, Adam Nichols identified three elements that are always needed in emergency situations; light, fire and power. Adam designed PYYROS to bring these key elements together into one unit, in the palm of your hand, and then added so much more. PYYROS delivers a 1000 lumen LED flashlight, iodine tabs for water purification, arc lighter firestarter, USB recharging and power generator, a COSPAS - SARSAT compliant Personal Beacon Locator, and more.

At the cutting edge of innovation, PYYROS is the only survival and emergency tool in the world to be 100% modular and expandable, making it possible for everyone to build a custom PYYROS according to what they need. Each device is built with anodized, aviation grade T6-6061 aluminium, flashlight with crenellated bezel rim, Panasonic Lithium Ion 3400 mAH rechargeable battery, USB 2.0 port and stainless steel hammer cap. In addition, multipurpose modules are available for further customization.

PYYROS miniature dual band Personal Beacon Locator is 100% compliant with the international COSPAS - SARSAT standards. Thanks to the 121.5 MHz emergency frequency and the digital 406 MHz satellite frequency, search and rescue units can locate anyone anywhere on the planet. The PYYROS PBL measures a mere 1" x 1" and transmits its signal during 24 hours in temperatures from -20 celsius to +55 celsius.

PYYROS: the ultimate emergency tool and flashlight is available starting September 13th 2017.