QFIL Is the Best Choice for Filecoin Futures Products


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2020 --What are the most popular projects in the digital currency circle this year? The first is definitely Uniswap, and the other is undoubtedly Filecoin. The popularity of UNI has just passed, and the mainnet of Filecoin has become the highest popularity at this stage!

According to the official news of IPFS Filecoin, the Filecoin mainnet will be launched on the blockchain timing Epoch 148888, approximately October 15, 2020. Then start a period of monitoring and problem solving to ensure the normal operation of the network after the transition. In addition, a week-long Filecoin launch event will be held from October 19th to October 23rd.

The major exchanges have also issued announcements a long time ago. After the Filecoin mainnet is launched, ZB.com, Huobi, OKEx and other leading exchanges will also launch FIL trading as soon as possible!

With the countdown to the Filecoin mainnet launch, the futures products on the eve of FLV have slowly come to an end. The handling of futures products in major exchanges on the eve of FIL has also become the most concerned issue for investors!

ZB.com and Gate.io redemption announcement

On October 10th, Gate.io issued a redemption announcement for FIL6 products. The announcement stated: After the Filecoin mainnet will be launched, FIL's IOU with a six-month period will release the circulating amount (withdrawable) in a linear unlocking method every day, and the release will be completed after 180 days.

On October 11, ZB.com also released the official announcement of two Filecoin futures products, namely FIL6Z and QFIL.

Regarding FIL6Z, according to the official announcement of China Currency, before Filecoin's mainnet launch, China Currency will close the FIL6Z deposit and withdrawal function at 14:00 on October 12, and suspend FIL6Z margin trading and Savings functions at 16:00 on October 14. After the Filecoin mainnet is launched, FIL6Z will release the liquidity in a linear way every day. ZB.com has a total of about 135,000 FIL6Z, and about 750 FIL6Z are released every day. Within 180 days after the mainnet is launched, the platform will make available FIL6Z balances for all users' spot accounts from 16:00-16:30 daily. On the 180th day after the mainnet goes live, the platform will stop all FIL6Z transactions and deliver all the remaining FIL6Z.

Regarding QFIL, according to the official announcement of the Chinese currency, after the Filecoin mainnet is launched, within 15 to 30 days after the official space competition currency distributed by Filecoin starts linear release, Quickcash is responsible for 1:1 unlimited exchange of QFIL (no need to wait for 180 antenna releases) . At that time, the ZAPP of ZB.com's APP will be launched on QuickCash's QFIL redemption ZAPP, and users can go to the ZAPP to redeem by themselves.

At present, only Gate.io and ZB.com have announced the delivery and redemption plans of the top major exchanges. I believe other exchanges will soon release redemption announcements about FIL products!

The advantages of FIL products

Filecoin's futures products have a certain lock-up period. The most famous futures products are FIL6, FIL12 and FIL36, and of course there are high-quality futures products like QFIL and so on.

First of all, we need to know what FIL6, FIL12 and FIL36 stand for?

The number after FIL represents how long it takes for FIL to be released for delivery after the mainnet goes online. FIL6 is the 6-month futures after the mainnet launch, FIL12 is 12 months, and FIL36 is 36 months. As the shortest futures time FIL6 naturally became one of the most popular FIL eve futures products. At the same time, the FIL series products have also been registered on many top exchanges. For example, FIL6 has been launched on ZB.com, Gate.io, XT and other exchanges, and Lbank has launched three series of FIL futures products.

According to the latest official schedule, the main network is expected to go live on October 15th. In other words, investors who purchased FIL12 will have to wait 12 months before the redemption is complete.

Let's make the worst plan: After the launch of the mainnet, Filecoin's development is not as expected; or a large risk accident occurred during the early mining period that led to a downturn in spot prices; in extreme cases, risks such as policy containment may induce a stampede on futures.

This is a huge time risk for investors. If the FIL price peaks before delivery, wouldn't it be a miss?

Therefore, with regard to the redemption of Filecoin futures products, investors are undoubtedly the most concerned about the redemption time. First look at FIL6. From the announcements of ZB.com and Gate.io, you can see that they are released at a constant rate of SAFT every day. Even if it is the fastest release standard on the entire network, a 180-day waiting period is required! The 180-day waiting period is undoubtedly too long, not to mention FIL12 and FIL36.

Looking back at QFIL, after the Filecoin mainnet went live, within 15 to 30 days after the official space race currency allocated by Filecoin began to be linearly released, Quickcash was responsible for 1:1 unlimited exchange of QFIL (no need to wait for 180 antenna releases). This means that QFIL can be redeemed within 15 days after the Filecoin mainnet goes live. If the main network can be launched around the 15th, then in November, currency friends holding QFIL can start FIL redemption.

From this point of view, the starting value of QFIL is much greater than FIL6, FIL12, FIL36 and other Filecoin futures products, because the speed of the redemption time greatly determines the value of futures!

Looking at the market again, the price of FIL6Z on ZB.com is 200.8QC, which is equivalent to about 200 yuan, a 24-hour increase of 22.06%, the highest price is 216.8, the lowest price is 164.09, and the 24-hour trading volume is 22,400!

Gate.io's similar FIL6 products have roughly the same price as ZB.com! The real-time price of FIL6 on Gate.io is 195.92 QC!

The price of QFIL is much higher than FIL6. The real-time price of QFIL is RMB 325.3, the highest price is 350, and the lowest price is 316.224.

From the perspective of FIL's three-series products, FIL6 is the best futures choice; however, looking at all Filecoin futures products, QFIL with 15-30 days lock-up period is undoubtedly the best choice of all other products!

Filecoin has experienced multiple launch delays, and the time to launch this time is definitely a reassurance for investors who hold Filecoin products.