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Quality Air Conditioning Recommends Customers Schedule Now for Fort Lauderdale AC Replacement


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2020 --Quality Air Conditioning, located in Fort Lauderdale, is urging homeowners to start scheduling their AC replacement as soon as possible. Due to the recent surge of homeowners staying home throughout the day, air conditioners are being put on higher demand. Older air conditioners may not be able to keep up with demand and air conditioner replacement services are scheduled to rise throughout the coming months.
Most homeowners and residents follow recommendations to keep air conditioning lowered when not at home to save on energy consumption. However, with the latest reasons to stay in place more, working for home and children staying in, air conditioning is running at an all-time high. With older models not being able to keep up demand, more AC replacement services are being scheduled.

Homeowners are also seeing higher than normal energy bills with increase in AC use. The higher bills are often noticed more when an older model must run longer due to inefficiency. Add to that the fact that older models aren't made to run as energy efficient as newer models, an air conditioning replacement starts to be an economical choice.

While Fort Lauderdale normally sees a spike in temperatures during summer months, this season is predicted to be hotter than normal. Homeowners are seeing their older AC models cannot keep up with the cool temperatures they want. Pushing older models to work harder will eventually cause excessive strain on the machines leading to breakdown when AC is needed most.

AC replacement companies for Fort Lauderdale are finding themselves able to work with manufacturers to get the models they need quickly. "We've certainly had an uptick in air conditioning replacement recently", says the company. "Many of our previous customers have been referring us to their friends and neighbors and we're happy to say we're prepared to meet the demand."

Quality Air Conditioning came into this business in 1971 and has been offering quality services for air-conditioners for the last 50 years. They catered to both residential and commercial clients with equal dedication and efficiency. Their technicians are well-trained to detect the issue with the AC and provide the solution it needs. Their professionals have expertise in handling ac issues of all makes and models. All their technicians are Certified and are just a call away when it comes to repairing the ac unit. It is their 24/7 availability and same day service that has made Quality Air Conditioning one of the best-noted companies for ac repairs and services. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and they do not keep them waiting for long.

Apart from ac repair, the company also offers air conditioning installation throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, ac coil cleaning, cooling tower repairs, and more.

Get in touch with them today at 954-971-1000 or visit www.qualityac.com.

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Quality Air Conditioning is one of the notable companies offering air conditioner repair in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach Florida apart from air conditioning installation, ac replacement, ac coil cleaning and more.