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Quality Garage Doors Is Helping Homeowners Prepare for Cooler Temperatures with Insulated Garage Door Installation

As temperatures drop this fall, homeowners will soon be turning on the heat in their houses. Garage door installation company Quality Garage Doors is helping homeowners prepare for the colder temperatures ahead by installing insulated garage doors.


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2015 --As fall approaches and temperatures drop, homeowners will soon be turning on the heat in their houses. Quality Garage Doors, a garage door installation company in Virginia, is helping homeowners prepare for the colder weather ahead by offering insulated garage doors.

Insulated garage doors are built differently than standard garage doors. Insulated garage doors have a layer of insulation between steel sides. The insulation reduces heat loss during the winter, thus improving energy efficiency and reducing homeowners' heating costs. They can improve energy efficiency in homes even if the garage isn't heated, because heat still escapes through large garage doors.

One of the primary reasons homeowners have insulated garage doors installed is to reduce their energy bills, which is why autumn is a popular time of year to have these doors installed. This is not the only reason why homeowners upgrade to insulated garage doors, however.

Homeowners also use their garages as workshops, storage areas and rec rooms. Insulated garage doors keep garages warmer during winter, so homeowners can use their garages for these purposes year-round. The insulation in the doors even provides sound insulation, so noisy power tools and children won't disturb neighbors.

Although insulated garage doors cost more than standard garage doors, homeowners save over time on energy costs and garage door installation costs. Not only do insulated garage doors reduce heating expenses in winter, but they also are stronger and resist dents better than standard garage doors. Therefore, insulated garage doors sometimes outlast standard ones that become dinged up.

Over time, homeowners who have an insulated garage door installed this fall will recoup their investment. Quality Garage Doors is proud to be able to help people save money by installing insulated garage doors, which reduce energy costs and, therefore, are good for the environment.

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