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Quality Garage Doors, headquartered in Culpeper, Virginia, wants the community to be aware of the dangers of a damaged garage door. A garage door that needs repaired can be an easy entrance for a criminal.


Culpeper, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2015 --Garage doors are an important part of the home. In fact, many crimes and break-ins happen when the garage door is in ill repair or an obvious access point. Garages are offset from the home, often stocked with valuable tools and items the homeowners don't use on a daily basis, and they are quiet gateways into the home. A damaged garage door is an invitation to a criminal into the garage or even the home.

While it is obvious that a garage door ripped from the hinges is an issue, many people don't realize that a dent can also be equally as dangerous. A dent in a garage door can be kicked in, breaking the door enough for a criminal to gain access to the garage or home. Unfortunately, many people don't realize this very real danger, and ignore dents or minor damage to the garage door. Repairing a door with even the smallest damage point could mean the difference between a break in and the safety of the residents inside.

Quality Garage Doors is interested in making all of Culpeper and its surrounding residents aware of the real dangers of having a damaged garage door. Consider what is in the garage. Tools, seasonal items, and things that aren't used every day are the most common items in a garage unit. How many of those items are valuable, and could be sold for cash? Most people have a gold mine in their garage and don't realize it. Criminals, however, know this and will use even the smallest issue in a garage door to gain access.

What's worse is that the homeowner won't even realize the items are gone until a few days after the robbery. Think about how often the typical homeowner checks on items in storage on a daily basis. If someone were to break in and steal valuable tools or small items, the homeowner may not notice the loss for a few days. Reporting the crime would be delayed, and it would all be due to a damaged garage door.

This is why Quality Garage Doors offers a number of different services to help keep garage doors in full repair. Keeping the community safe is part of their business.

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