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Quality Gate Company to Offer Winter Maintenance Packages in San Diego and Riverside Counties

Winter gate maintenance is key to keep your residential or commercial automatic gate in good working order.


Fallbrook, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2017 --Quality Gate Company, an industry leader in automatic, electric, motorized, and remote-controlled gates, will be offering winter maintenance packages this winter for residents of Fallbrook, Temecula, Carlsbad, and other cities in Southern California to ensure that their gates remain in working order through the rainy season.

Although Southern California is typically a dry area, much of the rainfall that the region does experience comes between December and February. This rain can wreak havoc with the electrical components and iron that are necessary to keep electric gates running, so bringing in an expert to have a look ensures that homeowners don't have to worry about these items failing at an inopportune time.

According to Quality Gate Company, all customers have to do is make a phone call and the company will send a certified technician to their home to have a look at the gate. From there, any adjustments or repairs that are necessary will be made and the gate will function without interruption through the entire season.

The company is offering this service because of the severe winter storms that hit Riverside and San Diego counties in early 2017, during which some areas ended up with more than three and a half inches of rain. This rain led to minor flooding in the region and damaged some gates in Southern California that had not been properly maintained.

As a result, Quality Gate Company wants to get the word out about the potential for more rain this winter to help customers avoid having major gate repairs in San Diego become necessary on their gates.

In addition, some parts of the mountains were hit with up to eight inches of snow. While snow isn't much of a concern for cities in the valley, those living at higher elevations should be particularly diligent about having their electric gates maintained.

The maintenance packages offered by Quality Gate Company look at a variety of different aspects, starting with the gate operator. There are various types of gate operators on the market, but the company has experience with most of them. They will check the gate, whether is a roll-up gate, swing gate, rolling gate, or barrier gate, and all of its components to ensure that it is ready to handle any rain that might fall on it.

These operators sit outdoor all year around and, therefore, tend to take a lot of abuse. In Southern California, the main culprit is the fact that they sit in the sun all summer long. The heat from the sun, in addition to the dust in this extremely dry area, wear the mechanisms down. The maintenance service offered by Quality Gate Company includes lubricating these parts, testing the gate's limiters, and making sure that the integrity of the gate hasn't been compromised.

The maintenance professionals at Quality Gate Company will also look at the state of the iron that makes up the gate. When iron rusts, it can seize up or begin to fall apart. Coastal areas tend to have more rust problems than drier inland areas, but any iron that is exposed to both moisture and oxygen will eventually begin to rust.

By cleaning up any areas that are starting to rust and lubricating the joints on the fixture, technicians can prevent the gate from seizing up if it is hit by a combination of rain and cooler temperatures.

Homeowners who have already noticed issues with their gates are encouraged to have them looked at before the problems becomes serious. Quality Gate Company offers diagnostic services where a technician will determine exactly what is wrong with the gate by putting it through a variety of tests and will then recommend the best course of action for the owner to take.

Customers can be certain that the job is being done right because every technician that is hired by Quality Gate Company is licensed by the California Contractors State License Board and is also bonded. Anyone who is having a gate serviced should consider the state of the company's license, since these devices act as a form of home security.

For more information on Quality Gate Company, their winter maintenance packages, and other services that they have to offer, including the company's 24-hour emergency gate repairs, visit their website at www.qualitygateco.com.

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Quality Gate Company is an automatic gate specialist that deals with gate repairs, installations, and maintenance in Southern California. The company is based in Fallbrook, but also provides service in Temecula, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and other cities and towns in the region. The company prides itself on the fact that each and every technician who works for them has a contractor's license and that the company as a whole is licensed by the California Contractors State License Board.

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