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Quality Medical Announces New Routine Checks and Maintenance Services for Abbott Plum A+ and Other Devices

Running a medical office and health center is simply impossible without having to deal with biomedical devices. Quality Medical South is a company that offers quality repairs and services.


Largo, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2017 --One can only realize how indispensable biomedical devices can be only when they go out of order. A delay in fixing the issues can lead to serious conditions, disrupting the entire clinical operation. This is why expert services for repair and routine checkup is required to keep the medical operation going on. Be it ventilators or infusion pumps, apnea monitors or nonin 7500, BiPAP or CPAP; they cannot be left unused. As reaching the manufacturers of these devices may not always be possible, having an authorized service center by one's side will be a great way to get the job done. Quality Medical South is a recognized repair center for all leading brands of ventilators including Newport/Covidien, Pulmonetic/Carefusion, and Puritan Bennett/Covidien.

Over the years, the company has always been focused on maintaining a close business relationship with the manufacturers of these branded products. It takes technical support and other necessary assistance to maintain performance and safety measures. The experts at Quality Medical South take care of all medical aspects before dispatching them back to their clients. They examine, clean and determine the ventilators to ensure their optimum performance. An expert team of technicians is entrusted to monitor the task of repairing and maintenance, and they never compromise on the performance.

At Quality Medical South, the technicians are all certified, bonded, curated, and calibrated to tackle any technical faults with authority. The Newport Ventilator Authorized Service Center enjoys the services of skilled engineers who are certified by the company directly. The company also takes pride in their potential technicians who can successfully put the devices in order again.

Quality Medical South is determined to provide better services and educate the users. The experts listen to all queries of their clients and explain them with examples. This enhances the level of knowledge and helps them to use the devices safely for a longer duration.

For more information on Abbott Plum A+ and other medical equipment repairs and services, visit http://www.qualitymedicalsouth.com.

About Quality Medical South
Quality Medical South has been a leading company that is engaged in the repair of biomedical devices. The company has expert technicians who believe that these biomedical instruments are meant for services and not for lying idle need of repairs. The company manages Newport Ventilator, an authorized service center where company-certified engineers provide the best services.