Transgender Voice Therapy

Quality Transgender Voice Training Provided by Los Angeles Speech Therapy Service

TG Voice Therapy is a speech therapy service that focuses on transgender voice training. Their speech therapists formulate personalized treatment plants for their clients. TG Voice Therapy is located at 117 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Phone number: (323) 954-0887.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2016 --Transgender voice training is provided by TG Voice Therapy, a Los Angeles speech therapy service. The qualified speech therapists at this organization are specially trained to provide optimal results. After an assessment, the speech therapist will provide a personalized action plan. This guarantees each client will reach their voice goals in a timely manner. For those that are unsatisfied with the sound of their voice, transgender voice training can help.

Transgender individuals who are uncomfortable with the sound of their voices may feel held back in their day to day lives. Transgender voice training is an important tool for individuals who are transitioning, both male to female and female to male. For transgender men, our speech therapists can teach them how to add masculinity to their voices. This will allow them to feel more comfortable in their everyday interactions with the people around them.

Our transgender voice training services are a great tool for transgender females who are looking to feminize their voices. TG Voice Therapy also teaches their female clients the non-verbal communication cues that are common among women. Through their program, they will teach their clients how to control the vibrations in the chest, alter speech patterns so there is less voice vibration, control voice emanation from chest to throat and how to mater intonation so that their voice rises and falls in a more feminine manner.

About TG Voice Therapy
TG Voice Therapy is Los Angeles-based speech therapy provider. Their specialty lies in transgender voice training. Their qualified speech therapists work hard to help their clients achieve their voice transformation goals. Action plans are specially created for each client; this ensures each individual the best results possible. For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website or call (323) 954-0887. Address: N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036.