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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2016 --Running a travel agency is a good business, whether you are doing it online or offline. For one thing, it requires a lot less investment than many others. There are plenty of options too, like for instance, you can take flight, car, and bus bookings, allow hotel and home stay reservations, and provide bookings for activities such as water sports, adventure camps, walking tours, food tours, and many others. But you will have to promote your travel agency to have any chance of success.

That is the problem for most businesses, particularly if the promotion is online. It is important to promote online even if the business is mainly offline, because many prospects and customers are searching for travel products and deals on the internet now. However, many travel stores or businesses don't know how to promote themselves on the web. They could be good in the travel trade, but not on the web.

There is another problem – competition, which is often severe in the travel trade. There are thousands of operators in any travel segment that a business has to deal with. To stand out and get customers online, what the business primarily needs is web visibility. One way of achieving this is by securing a page one listing on Google. But that is very difficult for most, because there are thousands of web pages competing for just 10 keywords for any search result.

Plus, the listings changes, so you could be on page one of Google today, and nowhere tomorrow. Most businesses cannot depend on such fluctuating results.

The second option could be a better one – by listing in a travel business directory. One that is very popular, like for instance, Biphoo.com. The website is offering a listing opportunity for travel businesses that is quite unique. It is easy and affordable for most businesses, even the smaller ones. It has emerged as a premier travel directory now for those that want to achieve high listings and get the web visibility required to boost their businesses and attract customers.

It has emerged as an important international travel directory where hundreds of travel businesses from around the world are getting themselves listed. Biphoo.com is already getting a lot of web traffic, so once listed in the directory, your travel business can also get the exposure and web visibility it needs.

There are other options too with Biphoo. For instance, a travel business can have its own micro site made here that is search engine friendly. There are many designs to choose from. Just upload your content, picture, product or service details and it is ready to go. Or if you want, Biphoo can also do the uploading for you if you are unable to do this yourself. You may also want a custom design if you so desire.

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