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Quantum Units Continuing Education Adds New CEU Courses

Several new online and home study ceu courses have been added to the curriculum of Quantum Units Continuing Education.


Los Osos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2009 -- Quantum Units Continuing Education - http://www.quantumunitsed.com - has added new online and home study continuing education courses to their curriculum. As well, some of our courses that have become dated will be removed from our listing at the end of February.

1. Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Adolescent Drug Abuse – 13 standard ceus/10 NBCC ceus - This course was developed from the US Department of Health and Human Services National Institute on Drug Abuse publication which outlines Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT), a brief intervention used to treat adolescent drug use that occurs with other problem behaviors. BSFT is a family systems approach in which the counselor identifies the patterns of family interaction that are associated with the adolescent’s behavior problems. This course introduces professionals to concepts that are needed to understand the family as a vital context within which adolescent drug abuse occurs, and BSFT techniques discussed here will show how to engage and retain families in drug abuse treatment and ultimately cause them to behave more effectively.


2. Depression – 3 Standard ceus $9/ 2 NBCC ceus $6 - This guide, published by the National Institute of Mental Health, is for marriage and family therapists, social workers, counselors and others in the mental health field who are interested in evaluating depression and the difference between periods of feeling sad and blue compared to having a true disorder. Its purpose is to review the causes and treatment strategies of depression, including the use of medication as part of treatment.


3. Major Depression – 2 Standard ceus $6/ NBCC – Not Approved - This course was developed from an article published through the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER) and it gives a brief overview of the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for depression, which is formally known as major depression or clinical depression. Many professionals today consider depression to be very serious and to be a chronic illness that requires long-term treatment, much like diabetes or high blood pressure. The article includes diagnostic criteria, advice on when to seek help, an overview of medication used to treat depression, and a discussion of preventative measures. Since depression affects millions of adults in any given year in the United States, this course would be ideal for anyone who works in a helping profession, or for those who have an interest in learning more about the condition.


Home Study CEUs

Motivational Interviewing – 40 CEU Hrs./ $120 (exam only) / $200 (with book)

This course has been adapted from, Motivational Interviewing, written by William Miller, PhD, a professor and expert on substance abuse and addiction, and Stephen Rollnick, PhD, a professor and clinical psychologist. The book focuses on the clinical approach of motivational interviewing, which is a client-centered, directive method of enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. The context, practice, and learning of motivational interviewing are discussed along with practical applications in the addiction treatment field, as well as in general medical care, health promotion, social work, and corrections. Several contributing authors who have adapted motivational interviewing are also included in this very informative book.


Order a used copy of the book and we will ship all necessary course materials to you to complete this course at home. ISBN #1572305630 (make sure you order the same ISBN # listed for home study courses in order to ensure you have the correct version of the textbook).

Removing – In February we will remove the following courses from our curriculum and replace with the updated material mentioned above:

1. HIV/AIDS – 5 hour course
2. HIV/AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases – 18 hour course

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Participant Feedback
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