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Queens Dentist Dr. Neil Rosner Emphasizes the Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings for Optimal Oral Health

Dr. Neil Rosner in Forest Hills, NY encourages patients to make regular dental cleanings a priority for optimal oral health


Forest Hills, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2016 --Forest Hills dentist Dr. Neil Rosner is encouraging patients to make twice yearly visits to the dentists for regular cleanings and maintenance a priority in their schedule and is educating them about the valuable long-term investment this habit can be for their overall and oral health. Dr. Rosner recommends that patients schedule dental check-ups and cleanings every six months as the best way to keep oral decay at bay and catch any instances of decay in their earliest stages so it can be remedied quickly and with the least amount of intervention possible. Of course, this recommendation for twice yearly visits also comes with the emphasis of practicing proper oral hygiene habits at home like brushing and flossing daily.

Currently in the United States, oral decay is the number one preventable chronic disease in children. Additionally, the CDC estimates that approximately half of all American adults suffer from some form of gum disease. Both of these conditions are entirely preventable with proper oral hygiene habits of which regular professional dental cleanings and check-ups are vital elements. Visiting the dentist every six months can help patients keep track of the status of their oral health, particularly regarding oral decay and gingivitis, and receive proper treatment in the earliest stages of these conditions before they progress to the point where they are irreversible.

When oral decay is detected in its earliest stages, oftentimes patients do not need to undergo invasive treatment to remedy the decay. Oftentimes, Dr. Rosner is able to restore small cavities without the need of anesthetic or drilling. However, if oral decay is left unchecked, it can lead to the complete decay and loss of the permanent tooth. Even worse, it can lead to severe infections that can settle in the jawbone and requires serious (and expensive) treatment.

Gingivitis, which is the inflammation of the gums, occurs due to the lack of regular flossing. If gingivitis is not taken care of in its early stages, it progresses to periodontal disease where the gums begin to recess and pull away from the teeth. In its latest stages, periodontal disease can lead to the total loss of permanent teeth. With twice yearly cleanings, Dr. Rosner and his staff ensure that patients' mouths are in their healthiest state. They are also able to recommend proper interventions for treatment in the instance of any detected oral decay or gum disease.

In addition to general cleanings and check-ups, Dr. Rosner and his staff provide a variety of other general dental services to help patients achieve a healthy, confident smile. He also offers a selection of cosmetic dental service for patients looking to improve the appearance of their healthy smile.

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