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Quick House Sale Companies, Sell House Fast for Full Market Value?

Flying Homes Gets On Average 94% Of Market Value For Clients Selling Their Homes Fast. Compare This to Other Quick Sale Companies That Pay Only 70%, Don't Accept Less!


Barnsley, South Yorkshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2013 --Flying Homes Ltd, a leading quick house sale company operating in the UK residential property market, today announced that house sellers should not accept low offers of 70% or less from property buyers.

Sell House Fast - is it possible to get a fair deal from Quick House Sale companies?

Flying Homes Gets On Average 94% Of Market Value For Clients Selling Their Homes Fast. Compare This to Other Quick Sale Companies That Pay Only 70%, Don't Accept Less! 

Flying Homes is one of a new breed of quick house sale companies who get their customers a fair price for their homes, as much as 95% of market value for selling a house fast.Achieving a quick house sale in the current market can be fraught with problems with many 'fly by night' property buyers treating customers unfairly. One scam used is to agree a price and then drop it hours from completion leaving the customer high and dry. Often the only solution is to accept the revised lower price costing thousands of pounds.

Quick sale companies - Treating customers fairly

Flying Homes operates differently to these unscrupulous companies which have been in the news recently. Unless a survey report identifies major problems, then the price Flying Homes buyers' agree is the price paid with no last minute reductions.

Having now advised thousands of customers on selling their properties, Flying Homes Director, Christian Lawlor says:

"We knew there was a gap in the market for customers who simply wanted a guaranteed buyer and a quick hassle-free sale of their home at a fair price".

Christian explained: " Before Flying Homes, the only option for house sellers wanting a quick sale was to go to property buyers in the back of the newspapers who offered around 70% of value. We thought our customers deserved better so we decided to set up our own 'quick sale' company and as a result our clients get on average 94% of the market value of their homes from our registered buyers and investors".

Greedy commission driven estate agents overvalue properties

Christian continued: 'Another problem is that many commission driven estate agents overvalue properties in a desperate bid to win business and gain listings, and this only adds to the misery for customers expecting a property sale within a reasonable timescale."

"When properties are listed on Righmove or Zoopla by these agents, often there is absolutely no interest whatsoever, no viewings and no offers". Adding insult to injury, Christian goes on to explain that, "In order to sell the house and earn a fat commission the agent then suggests a series of price reductions until the house is at a level where a buyer is found". "This leaves customers disillusioned and disappointed  Indeed many of the larger estate agents employ staff just to reduce prices".

Office of fair trading investigates

However, it seems that many of these scams have now had their day. Quick house sale companies that drop their price at the last minute are being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading. Sooner or later the OFT may also act on estate agents who overvalue properties. The Property Ombudsman regulates estate agents, so expect more news on this sharp practice.

"I think any regulation is a good thing" said Christian 'We also have a traditional estate agent but we don't overvalue houses, it's just more trouble than it's worth having to constantly pacify customers. 'Flying Homes is busier than ever, it just goes to show how many people are sick of commission driven estate agents and unfair quick house sale companies, people simply want a fair deal".

House values, check sold house price information

Flying Homes believes that it is better to be brutal and honest when it comes to estimating house values. It isn't rocket science with sold house prices recorded at the land registry freely available. This house price information can help consumers to work out the value of their homes.

The rule of thumb seems to be to look at how much a similar property to yours sold for around 2008 and then compare this with how much a similar house sold for recently. It's this historic information coupled with recent sold prices that is the best indication as to a property's value. The problem with people's expectations is that many house buyers bought at the peak of the housing market around 2006, therefore their mortgages might still be more than the current value of their house!

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