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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal New hCG Diet Survival Kits, Everything That Dieters Need to Achieve Their Quick Weight Loss Goal

Diet Doc’s quick weight loss diet programs now offer dieters an all-inclusive diet survival kit that contains dressings, shakes and nutrition bars designed to curb cravings and burn stored body fat so clients are able to quickly and easily lose weight.


Escondido, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2014 --When dieters decide to lose weight, the many quick weight loss programs available in their area often confuse and mislead them. Choosing the fast diet program that works for the dieter’s personal quick weight loss needs is important for being able to safely and effectively lose weight without suffering through any of the negative side effects of dieting. Fortunately, Diet Doc has just revealed the fast diet survival kit that provides clients with everything they need to rapidly lose weight without cravings, fatigue or weakness. Thousands of dieters across the United States have already started their Diet Doc hCG diet with the fast diet survival kit and have begun reaching their fat loss goals, with some dieters losing up to almost a pound of excess, embarrassing fat per day.

Diet Doc is one of the few remaining quick weight loss programs that has taken the steps necessary to update and modernize their hCG diet pills, supplements and other treatment options. While other, competitor companies continue to market illegal and ineffective homeopathic hCG in their diet pills, Diet Doc only provides their clients with treatments after a quick consultation with a licensed physician. Because Diet Doc is dedicated to the health, safety and success of each patient, they employ a network of specially trained physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists who speak directly with each client about their previous attempts to lose weight and their future, quick weight loss goals. After an initial consultation that takes place in the comfort and privacy of the client’s own home, each client receives a six-month prescription for naturally powerful treatment options.

Because other hCG diet companies only use ineffective homeopathic treatments, they must encourage their customers to follow a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, diet in order to lose weight. Diet Doc recognizes the inherent danger in this severe calorie restriction and uses today’s advanced science to update their hCG diet plans so that their clients are able to quickly lose weight while consuming a healthy caloric intake of almost double that of competitor programs.

Diet Doc has been consistently working to advance and improve their hCG diet plans and constantly introduce new treatment options to better serve their clients. Now, they have also released the fast diet survival kit that contains everything dieters need to lose weight and feel good while losing weight. All across the country can choose between a one-month or two-month package that contains protein shakes, dressings and power bars that encourage healthy but quick weight loss. The fast diet survival kit was designed to offer Diet Doc patients a simple way to figure out how to eliminate cravings without overeating and introduces seasonings that satisfy the appetite without causing weight gain.

While Diet Doc understands that dieters have many options when it comes to quick weight loss, they encourage dieters to research each program before making their decision. Diet Doc is one of the very few remaining programs that offer advanced treatment options, like the fast diet survival kit, and that employs a network of trained weight loss professionals who work closely with each client to ensure that their quick weight loss goals become a reality.

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