QwikTalk Launches Instant Connections With Veterinarians and Mechanics

Brand new phone based service empowers direct and instant connections with experts.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2011 --A new service designed to instantly connect users with experts on the phone has launched out of private beta. They are currently offering experts in variety of categories, including mechanics, veterinarians, Excel experts, and search marketing consultants. The service is intended to provide expert advice at incredibly low costs, about $10 per call for an average of a 20 minute phone call. While the experts in the network would normally charge upwards of $100 per hour, since QwikTalk is an on-demand service letting experts pick and choose which questions to answer, they offer their services at a huge discount.

The founder, Josh Breinlinger, spent years at freelance marketplace giant oDesk. "My time at oDesk taught me a number of very important lessons about how to connect users with experts. With QwikTalk, our goal is to provide an incredibly easy to use service for both sides that results in happy customers and attracts top-quality experts." The concept arose out of a simple discussion of wasted time during daily commutes. Each year, the average worker may spend as much as 400 hours in the car commuting and not making use of their time. This is an incredible waste of resources. QwikTalk was designed to allow experts to utilize their time better by providing a means of working just from their mobile phone.

To date, QwikTalk has helped about 100 customers with their questions and experts have answered almost every single question successfully. Many callers have returned to the service multiple times to continue to get advice for everything from their Excel worksheets to their cat's health. Experts on the network have commented about how easy the service is to use and how much fun it is to help people with their questions. It can easily be compared to simply calling a friend. Think about the times you've reached out to your cousin who happens to be a doctor to ask about some simple medical questions. While thousands of online forums exist, there is still the need to connect verbally and go over the problem with a trusted resource.

QwikTalk aims to be just that trusted resource. All applicants to the network are carefully screened for their qualifications and then approved if they meet the company's criteria. Once approved as experts, feedback and responsiveness ratings are monitored for every expert. The technology that QwikTalk has revolves primarily around text messages routing and weighting. "It's important to get the right questions to the right people at the right time." This keeps experts engaged and provides the best possible service to the callers.

The service is available for use today and as a special offer, you can use the promo code: ILikeQwikTalk for 50% off for any calls. The company is also recruiting experts in a wide range of categories - if you'd like to apply, go to http://qwiktalk.com/experts/sign_up.