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Radiant Capital Advisors Hires More Forex Managers and Offers New Managed Accounts to Investors


New York, N -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/02/2007 -- Radiant Capital Advisors (http://www.radiantcap.com), a highly regarded capital raising and alternative asset management company , based in New York, NY reports that they have recently hired more highly experienced foreign exchange money managers with great track records which adds to the umbrella of successful managers at Radiant Capital Advisors, Inc. The new programs are called FXRiver Group, C-E69, Spot Versa, Revolution and VAM. Each account has non-correlated trading strategies following Radiant’s business model. The new products include both discretionary and fully automated trading models.

“After a long and exhausting due diligence process we are proud to present these new investment opportunities to our existing and potential client base. Our journey to discovering emerging talent in foreign exchange money management is one of our number one focuses and is constantly ongoing. After years modifying our skills in filtering out only the best managers and traders it is a constant and ongoing internal commitment. We are willing to continue in our search for the actual handful of qualified managers who can successfully navigate the foreign exchange markets by utilizing our advanced products and support.” says Keith Sazer, President of Radiant Capital Advisors.” Keith then goes on to say “ Our recent newly hired proven managers provides greater diversification for those who are looking for a solid portfolio of forex managers.”

Adding more managers to the Radiant team is not the only new thing at Radiant Capital Advisors. Radiant has recently launched a “100% principal protected” actively managed forex product. This product has multiple experienced managers from Radiant’s team. Barry Dorfman, the CEO of Radiant Capital Advisors, says “we created the principal protected product after an increased demand from larger investors who were looking for diversification in their portfolios but did not want to take the substantial risks that came along with investing in foreign exchange markets. I believe this product is the perfect solution for investors who would like to test out the forex markets while protecting their initial principal investment.”

Recently some of the large investment firms such as Bear Sterns and the Royal Bank of Scotland have also launched similar products. The main difference between Radiant’s product and others in the market is that Radiant actively manages portfolios and add proven managers into the guidance of investments. The products are designed as a managed account with a 5-6 year term and guarantees against any losses of the investment if the clients stay in the program for the entire term.

About Radiant Capital Advisors Inc.,
Radiant Capital Advisors (http://www.radiantcap.com) currently offers managed forex accounts that are held amongst multiple fx clearing houses and banks. Their minimum investments vary from $35,000-$500,000 for retail accounts. RCA also offers custom product solutions for institutions and high net worth investors.