Radical Art Festival to Bring the Power of Art to Asia, Community by Community

Imperial Taels and POW! WOW! Taiwan have teamed up to bring a radical celebration of art to small communities across Asia.


Taitung City, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2017 --Paint Asia is a crowdfunded art festival that will bring artists from around the world to various communities across the continent, to congregate at workshops, exhibit pieces, and create art for the public. Every year, the festival will be held in a different host city or village, a place that desperately needs seeds of art to be sown.

For its inaugural year, Paint Asia has chosen Hong Ye Village in the mountains of South Eastern Taiwan. Home to the aboriginal Bunun Tribe, Hong Ye Village won international acclaim in 1968, when its Little League Baseball Team - which didn't even have proper equipment - won the Little League World Series against Japan's powerhouse team.

Not surprisingly, the elementary school in Hong Ye places priority on its sports program, so students do not have arts and crafts in their curriculum until after Grade 3. School officials, teachers, students and parents alike believe that art is an integral learning and creative outlet, and Paint Asia would like to help. In addition, as with many rural, tribal communities, the living conditions in Hong Ye are overall, substandard; Paint Asia is also hoping to raise global awareness, both of the special, cultural heritage of Hong Ye Village, but of its current situation.

Most of all, Paint Asia exists to inspire a new generation of artists, to promote creativity, and to bring joy and inspiration everywhere. The students and teachers at the Hong Ye elementary school are ecstatic at the prospect of having the festival in their midst, especially since one of the events is having the artists paint murals on the school walls.

The crowdfunding campaign needs to raise a minimum of USD $35,000 for the festival to be viable. The more additional funds raised, the more impactful Paint Asia can be. The money raised will mainly go towards transportation, accommodation, food, paints and art materials, as well as the production of campaign rewards for donors. Donor rewards include T-shirts and prints of original artwork by participating artists, and at the highest tier, a trip to the festival itself (including travel expenses).

Paint Asia promises to usher in new era of artistic appreciation and enjoyment in remote communities, where they perhaps need artistic revitalization the most.

The Kickstarter campaign can be seen at

Imperial Taels produces Chinese-Taiwanese street wear and accessories, and hip-hop songs and videos on its vastly popular YouTube channel. Imperial Taels also sponsors skaters, dancers, and street artists throughout the region.

POW! WOW! Taiwan is the Taiwan branch of international POW! WOW!, a global network of artists that organizes exhibitions, lectures, mural projects, and live art installations around the world. POW! WOW! Taiwan is the organization's point of entry onto the global stage via Asia.