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RadJav Completes Integration with HTTP Servers and WebSockets with Its Latest Release

RadJav announces today that it has completed the integration of its rapid application development platform with HTTP Servers and WebSockets


Chandler, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2018 --Higher Edge Software, the company behind the blockchain based rapid application development platform, RadJav, which enables developers with rapid development tools and resources for the creation of Apps, smart contracts, and dApps, announces today that it has completed the integration of its platform with HTTP Web Servers and WebSockets.

The Company has integrated RadJav with WebSockets, one of the most important protocols in client-server communication. WebSockets solved one of the biggest problems of server communication by providing a full-duplex two-way communication bridge. It provides both the server and client the ability to send data at any point of time in a lightweight connection, which was not provided by any of the older methods. This has not only improved performance and the user experience, but also reduced the latency of data. WebSockets comes as a part of HTML5 standard, so no extra plugins are required to make it work. In addition, the WebSockets API is fully supported and implemented by JavaScript, which is the underlying codebase of RadJav.

Nathanael Coonrod, founder of RadJav and Higher Edge Software, stated ""Giving developers the ability to create scalable HTTP web servers quickly and easily is essential in today's development environment. With RadJav's support of WebSockets developers can create web apps that are more responsive, and more efficient." Mr. Coonrod further stated, "Radjav continues to expand upon the capabilities of its platform to streamline software development for any device and the web, and this accomplishment is another big step in supporting the developer community." RadJav's system is designed to enable the development and enterprise scale use of highly secure applications, globally.

About RadJav
RadJav is a software development platform and next generation blockchain built for developers by developers to provide the rapid development of Apps, Dapps, and Smart Contracts for commercial enterprises on a global scale. RadJav and its XRJ utility token is a breakthrough technology based upon a unique blockchain, rapid application development platform, decentralized datacenter, and Proof of Competition network.

RadJav previously released version 1 of its platform and blockchain, which developers can download and start using today. The first version of RadJav's platform is easy for developers to connect to with just a few lines of code, having the ability to currently create native Windows and HTML5 apps that utilize the same JavaScript code, with full support for mobile apps coming soon.

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