Ragnok, World's First Gun-Operated Gaming Mouse, Makes Already Immersive World Even More Experiential


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2019 --When gaming enthusiasts sign up for the Indiegogo campaign for the world's first gun-operated gaming mouse, they'll receive 50% off the price during launch day. Once the campaign launches, the innovative mouse, designed for first-person shooter games, also known as "FPS," will be able to completely change the way gamers experience these types of games.

Like the joystick and Dualshock features before it, the Ragnok, as the gun-operated gaming mouse is known, aims to deliver a completely immersive experience to FPS players who already love the first-person point of view and are looking for a deeper level of simulation. The look and feel of the Ragnok is spot on, giving users a unique grip and sensation, not unlike that of holding an actual gun handle. The Ragnok's sleek design is based on the real-life pistol, "Desert Eagle," which makes it the perfect companion for FPS-style gaming.

The ergonomic design features trigger-style buttons, equipped with a mechanical RED Axis. This means users can grip the mouse comfortably and firmly, creating a precision aim without causing strain on the wrist or tendons or sparking any danger of carpal tunnel syndrome. That's good news for gamers, who can continue to enjoy their immersive experience without added muscle pressure and tension. Customizability is also part of the Ragnok's design as it includes an aluminum alloy metal roller that can be clicked to adjust the mouse's sensitivity.

The design of the Ragnok has been tested on all major games and platforms with exacting and consistent results. Still, the team behind the product's initial design is looking for feedback from users as they plan to release multiple versions, continuously iterating and improving on the Ragnok's signature design. This is only one half of the Ragnok's innovation – the other half rests in its high-quality tech specs, including a high-precision optical sensor. This is ideal for situations in which the gamer needs to silently and quickly track on-screen targets without actually accelerating. The Ragnok is compatible with both PCs and laptops.

Thanks to these incredible features, users are likely to extend their immersive experience with the Ragnok and continue gameplay for hours on end. But that's no problem since the Ragnok also has a built-in large capacity rechargeable battery and wireless capability. Simply point, shoot, plug, and play.